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How To Get In The Mood To Study For Finals

How to get in the mood to study for finals

Getting in the mood to study for finals can sometimes be a challenge to students. Most would rather participate in fun activities rather than spent some time in the library. But to achieve good grades and pass your exams, you have no option but to study.

Tips to help you get in the mood

To help you get yourself in the mood to study, here is our advice:

Avoid distractions

This will help you concentrate and cover more work during your study time. This can be the library, your room, a café or any other place where there are no notable distractions. If possible, switch off your mobile phone, computer and TV to minimize unnecessary interruptions.

Set a timetable

A timetable will help you stay disciplined with your study session and help prevent you from procrastinating your studies. Delaying study sessions and allowing the work to pile up can only serve to demotivate you as the finals approach. The eventual course of action with most students is to start cramming at the final moments and this greatly compromises results. You should avoid therefore any unnecessary activities or events that may cause you to defer your studies, especially close to the finals.

Get started

This is what I usually tell students. Sometimes to forcing yourself to start can be the spark that you need. Do not wait for the right moment to study because sometimes that moment may never come. And with your finals fast approaching, you might have to push yourself out of your comfort zones. The most successful scholars do not wait until they are the in the right mood to study. They just get started and once they get started everything else falls into place. Do the same and in no time you will be immersed in your study session, wondering why you didn't get started earlier.

Focus on the goals

What is the aim of your studies? What do you aspire to achieve? Focusing on the big picture is a motivation like no other. Think of the reward of good grades and the prerequisites of getting a good job after college. In other words, remind yourself why you joined college in the first place. This will help find the motivation to work on your finals.

Make studying a habit

Including studying on your daily to-do list is another good way to get yourself in the mood to study. This can be early in the mornings or later in the evenings. Either way, the satisfaction of knowing that you are progressing in your preparation for the finals can help you stay focused. It will have a positive impact on you day and this, in turn, will help make your study sessions not only vital for the finals, but also to the enjoyment of your day.

Make it interesting

Studying for exams is of course not the most interesting thing to do. But alternating your subjects can help you make it a stimulating. Avoid focusing on a single subject as over time, this can make you bored with your study sessions. Mixing up long study sessions with short ones can also help.

Be task focused

According to Dr. Michael Hogan, a psychologist at NUI Galway, people perform better when they concentrate on the task at hand rather than on themselves. It will make you more motivated if you focus on solving that math problem, organizing your summaries and any other class work. This will improve the gains you make while studying and the practical knowledge you gain will factor in your final grades. Challenges arise when students focus on themselves instead of focusing on the task.

Organize study groups and discussion sessions

Study groups present an engaging and interesting study platform. Working with your friends and peers towards a common goal can work as motivation to study on your own later. Discussing and explaining to fellow students what you have learned can also help you understand better. Seeing the results of your hard work will make you yearn to keep up with the good work. Again, seeing the strides being made by your classmates can further serve as an inspiration to study.

Set time limits

Studying within a set time limit is more productive than let's say, studying throughout the day. Schedules help students utilize their study time much better and are thus more productive. Knowing you only have a certain amount to study or meet a particular objective can make you push yourself much harder than you normally would.

Manage your time well

The problem with some students I that they wait until the final week when the pressure is on to find motivation. As a result, they end up having to study long hours and in a few days they get tired and lose the motivation to study. You can avoid that trap by starting your preparations early. This will allow you to progress as the course progresses and enough time for consultations and referencing. The sighs that accompany the last minute rushes can sap your focus, leaving you resigned to performing poorly in the exams.

The weeks nearing finals can be frustrating to most students. Apart from the lack of the right mood to study, students lack the right exam preparation techniques. Make use of practice exams to continuously gauge your preparedness and also have an insight of what to expect in the finals. Taking short breaks in between your session will help your mind relax and consequently increase your concentration.

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