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How To Have More Free Time In College

How to have more free time in college

In college unlike high school, managing time can be a challenge to students. Contrary to the general belief of college kids having too much time, as the classes pick up and assignments accumulate, getting some free time to engage in non-curricular activities can prove to be impossible. This can get even worse as the mid-terms or finals draw near. As a student, you may find this hard to take and it can lead to you blowing off classes or generally neglecting your studies.

During my college days, between taking the six courses each semester, having a job, volunteering and going for my internship, I found it hard to fit in time for some other extracurricular activities. The afro mentioned activities were vital for my resume. Add the classes and my schedule was super busy. However, by managing my time well, I was still able to get some extra free time to go out with my friends and participate in other enjoyable activities.

As a student, I am guessing you can associate with that. You are probably juggling between classes, organization meetings, a part-time job, assignments, works outs among others and wondering where the perceived free time in college be. To cover all that and still have time for your friends and family, proper time management skills are essential. This will enable you to effectively striking a balance between being successful in your studies and enjoying your leisure activities.

Managing your time in college

Time management is a skill that every student needs to cultivate within his or herself. Exercising conscious control over activities is vital. Just the same way you shouldn't spend the whole day watching your favorite show on Netflix, avoid immersing on a paper for hours on end. To help sharpen your time management skills here is my prime advice.

  1. Budget your time

Know the amount of time that you have and determine the amount of core activities that you have. Create a weekly schedule, using approximates of the time that you will likely spend on each of the activities that you choose. A clear view of your available will allow you to only add new commitments only when it is viable. In scheduling your tasks, schedule enough leisure time. It is important.

  1. Have a planner

This is important especially to the freshmen. Planners will help you in your preparedness and in avoiding having exams and assignments dawn on you. This only works to create a last minute rush and confusion leading to you working long hours, sometimes the whole day or overnight. As a result, this leaves you with little to no free time and more importantly affects the productivity of your study sessions.

A more inclusive planner will allow you to keep track of future classes, assignments, and exams ahead of schedule. You can copy the class and assignment dates from your class timetable.

  1. Course scheduling

Scheduling your classes is another important factor in managing your time in college. Avoid selecting more classes than you can fit in your schedule. If you have a job, either part-time or full time you will need to consider that and other similar facts. It is paramount you ensure you have included all the core or required classes for the semester in your selection. Holding a discussion with the academic advisor in your faculty will help make the wise choices. An optimal class list will not only allow you to have enough free time on your hands but it will also aid in achieving success in your studies.

  1. Eradicate procrastination

Procrastination is a common trait among most college students. Even with a tight task schedule, students resort to delaying or postponing tasks and instead attend to the more enjoyable activities. Eventually, when they can't defer the tasks anymore, they end up cramming entire textbooks when they should be sleeping or meeting up with friends. Starting early with your tasks can help prevent from falling into a similar trap.

  1. One step at a time

Instead of spending your time worrying about how tight your semester is, get to work and this way you will be able to create more free time. Aim to accomplish your current tasks and avoid taking on yet to be feasible tasks. Do what is required of you at any given time and once through, take some time out and enjoy any free time remaining.

  1. Avoid distractions

Concentrating fully your study sessions will help you minimize the time spent studying or doing assignments. Between roommates, friends, leisure activities and other distractions such as mobile phones and social media, you can end up studying longer and consequently having less free time in your hands. To avoid that, consider studying in contusive places such as the library and switch off your phone. As an added advantage, you will grasp your study content better and submit more quality more quality work.

Having enough free time is important to most students. It allows for participation in more fun activities that make college life enjoyable. It can be said that college is meant to be enjoyable and to some extend, I can back that up as long as you don't neglect your classes. After college, you will enter into a whole new world of responsibilities and therefore this is a great time to go ahead and enjoy yourself. With the above advice, you will be able to gain more free time to do so and at the same time stay tuned in to your studies.

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