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How To Pass A Class At The Last Minute

How to Pass a Class at the Last Minute

I have interacted with many students, and I realize a common thread runs through many of them. They are clever; they have the brains to get an A in most of their papers; but, they simply choose not to work their brains and intelligence to their full potential.

They receive their progress reports on a regular basis and they know when they receive the first one that it is high time to stop looking for mundane excuses and to get down to brass tacks. Yet, for some reason, they don't. It is indeed strange that many students work so hard not to do work!

The last week before the term ends, panic runs rife in the lives of many students. Most of them cannot afford to fail. Not only is repeating a course expensive, it can also be a huge black blotch on their transcripts.

So what do they do? They run from pillar to post begging for extensions to hand over their earlier assignments; they cram data into their heads trying to remember everything in the last minute. Everything in their lives is utterly chaotic.

Of course, there are some students who have genuine reasons for not being able to keep pace with class. Students who fall victim to sickness, family problems, and other truly understandable and acceptable reasons. Yet, for these students too, last minute preparations to pass a class will be as chaotic as for those mentioned above.

Through this article, I hope to bring some succor to these kinds of students and teach them, give them tips on how to pass a class at the last minute.

Tips on How to Pass a Class at the Last Minute

Approach your professor – Are you surprised by this? A student who neither found the time nor the inclination to speak to professors suddenly being told to speak to the professor! Let me make one thing clear to you. All professors (regardless of their external seemingly dislike to you) want to see you succeed. They are not just happy if you approach them; they are more often not thrilled at the prospect of helping their students to clear a class.

Professors love to hear, "I want to improve," from the mouth of their students and, invariably, jump at the opportunity to help you. Educators who truly care for their students are willing to accommodate them even after class hours. So find your teachers or send them a mail asking for their opinion on your progress, asking for help on a particularly difficult topic, and requesting them for tips on how to get better.

Even if they cannot do much in the last minute rush hours, at least, they will be able to put a face to your name and in cases of borderline grading situations, this can really prove useful.

Actually, sit down and study – You would be surprised at your ability to learn if you actually sat down and did some reading or studying. If you still have assignments to be submitted, work on submitting them on time; if there are classes to be attended; go thoroughly prepared and actively engage and participate in the class so that your professor at least recognizes you. All your friends and teammates can wait until your term is successfully completed. When teachers see your active participation in class; when they see your effort in trying to make amends and do some learning in the last minute, they will be happy.

Even simply turning up for classes that you normally skip will drive them to give you some kind of reward and let me tell you this; this seemingly small reward could be the difference between passing and failing a class!

Look for assignments that can get you extra credits – If you know your professor to have a very understanding attitude towards his students, then you can approach him or her for assignments that can get you extra credits. Many teachers are willing to take extracurricular activities and additional paper submissions to give you more credits. While these points may not help you to move from a D to an A, there are huge chances that these credits can push you from a C to a B!

Consider using the Pass/Fail option for the class – Even after doing all you can such as trying to impress your teacher(s) at the last minute and submitting your last (and the only one for you) assignment on time, you are still uncertain whether you will clear the class with a C or a higher grade, then you could consider using the Pass/Fail option.

This option, of course, is not free from problems. Firstly you must apply to the college (usually the dean of the particular class) by filling our requisite forms. If the dean chooses to allow you to take this option, then your transcript will have a pass (or a P) against those classes where you have obtained at least an F grade.

However, the Ps are not included in your GPA score, so a 4.0 GPA will continue to be in 4.0 even with the Pass option. So, if you think that your actual grades can improve your overall GPA then you can opt to keep the grade (no matter how low it might be).

Another issue with the Pass/Fail option is that they can neither be used for General Education Classes nor for some of your majors. Check and confirm all the critical points and then make an informed choice with regard to the Pass/Fail option.

Tips on how to write an essay at the last minute

Suppose you have gone begging to you rather accommodative professor asking for a way out of failing his or her class. And the benign teacher gives you a 5-6 page essay to be completed by you and handed over the next morning so that he or she can justify passing you despite missing numerous classes, not submitting various assignment on time, and more.

So, how to write that essay that will help you pass a class at the last minute? Here are few tips:

Arrive at what you want to say – While this seems simple, it is the hardest step and hence to be done first. You have not read your textbook, you have not attended many classes and you have little or no idea what your viewpoint should be (invariably an essay should have a viewpoint). Think back, ruffle through the pages of your textbook and see what you can use. Don't be over-smart and yet don't be afraid to make your point. If the teacher wants your viewpoint, it means YOUR point and not somebody else's. So if you think of something sensible don't be afraid to let that be your introduction.

Keep your language simple – Don't try to fill your essay with fluff. Keep the language simple and easily readable. Avoid using long and complex words and if such words spring to mind, then find a simpler and more commonly used alternative.

Some last minute research will go a long way to help you complete your essay well –Scan through the table of contents in your textbook and see anything that might seem familiar or suitable for your essay. Without panicking, find something in line with your idea and quote it. Quotes are a great way to fill paper and yet submit a nicely written essay.

Avoid plagiarism. Use other people's arguments to add strength to your own; but, never forget to give credit. An example of a quote: As per the Miriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning of "procrastinate" is, "to be slow or late about doing something that should be done."

Use the listing option to explain your viewpoints – This is great for two things; it fills paper and it makes your essay crisp, clear, and succinct. Then use each of the points in the list as a start for a new paragraph. The flow of your essay will be seamless and your teacher is bound to be impressed.

Do a final check before submission – Before you submit, make sure you have checked for grammar and spelling. Don't allow a stupid mistake to cost you your grade. Read through your essay in details and ensure every small detail is correctly formatted and there is no error that you can see.

This entire process should take you about 4-5 hours so that you can come away proud of your creation. This is a significantly good achievement considering the fact that you are looking at what was taught in class for the first time in your life!

Final Notes

Are you feeling rushed getting through your coursework? Thousands of students contact Prescott Papers each year to have custom essays, papers, and projects completed. Expedited delivery is available. If it's already the last minute, it's not too late!

I would like to end this article by giving you a bit of advice (am sorry if I am sounding pedantic). I hope the learning from these last minute rushes and chaos helps you overcome your laziness and laid back attitude right from the start of the next term. I certainly hope you will not need to look up through Google how to pass a class at the last minute in your next term.

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