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How To Stay Focused In College

How To Stay Focused In College

College life can sometimes be overwhelming with numerous activities demanding attention. On joining college, students soon find themselves juggling classes, part-time jobs, friends, student organizations, and other campus events. This makes it quite a challenge to stay focused on their course work.

As the semester progresses, the assignments start to pile up making life even harder. You find yourself hurrying that biology lab report or that sociology paper only to get started with a new assignment. Soon you start to get bored with your classes, lose concentration and subsequently you switch your focus to more enjoyable engagements. These can range from going out with your friends to binge watching your favorite TV series.

As a student I know you desire to be focused on your class work but you just don't know how to. You are not alone, in college, everyone eventually finds themselves in such a predicament at least once. I did. During my time, however, the distractions were few and quite sparse. Now we have full-blown campus parties, amazing technologies, and not to mention, the internet. Add that to the constants such as friends and family and the picture becomes clearer. However, with the right approach, you can improve your concentration.

Ways to improve your focus

Create a study schedule

This will help you stay disciplined and focus on all the class work at hand. Assign the tasks that you have specific time sessions within which you will complete them. This will help you stay focused and motivated in the long term.

Eliminate distractions

If possible switch off your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will be able to focus more and minimize the time you spent on your studies. A single phone call or a social media post is enough to completely steal your concentration from your class work.

Form discussion groups

Working with like-minded people can help focus more as compared to working alone in your room. Comparing progress on a subject can keep you motivated prompting you to even work on it in your own time. Additionally, your colleagues will more likely than not point it out when you get distracted. Alternatively, you can study in the library where there are other student's studying. This will make you feel accountable to yourself for the time spent there. Again, it will be a lot harder to give up studying after 10 minutes in the library or with a study group than when alone in your room.

Use a planner

Planning your studies will help you stay on top of your semester schedule. Use a planner and mark class and assignment dates to help you budget your time effectively. This will help you avoid procrastinating and ending up with an accumulated workload towards the end of your semester. Working long hours to finish the work will reduce your concentration immensely making it hard to stay focused. To avoid that last minute rush, mark your planner and start working early. That way you will be able to strike a balance between college work and leisure activities, boosting your focus as a result.

One subject at a time

Multitasking is nothing more than a fancy name for switching between two or more tasks in quick succession. According to Earl Miller, Professor of Neuroscience at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, the human mind is unable to concentrate on two tasks at once. Not only does it compromise the quality of the end product, but it also has a negative effect on IQ and concentration, at least as far as learning is concerned. Therefore it is wise to avoid those scenarios where you have to work on two units at once. Work on a subject at a time and shelf it before moving on to the next one.

Look at the bigger picture

When you feel distracted and unable to focus, reminding yourself of why chose to pursue your course or chose to join college in the first place can help you. Good grades will boost your resume and resonate well with your future employers. Again, working hard and being focused is integral to achieving this.

Take breaks

It is important to know your limits. Once you embark on a task, whether it's a class or assignments, your concentration will decrease gradually over time. This is why school work is differentiated and segmented throughout the day. Take breaks every once in a while and this will help you refocus and concentrate on your work. It will also serve to refresh your mind making you studies more productive.

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