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How To Study For Finals At The Last Minute

How to Study For Finals at the Last Minute

Hundreds of cases of student suicide each year are found to be connected to final exam stress. In China alone, "the apparent causes of 79 suicides by... students last year... found that just under 93 percent [were connected to] the intense pressure to study put on [by exams]."

Final exams can drain your energy and can be extremely exhausting. Yet, the upcoming final exams mean that the term is ending soon. Take relief with that piece of good news.. A few more weeks and you will be one term closer to having your college degree.

This article gives you some ideas on how to study for finals at the last minute. These tips will help you make that last-ditch effort to improve grades in your final exams.

Tips on How to Study for Finals at the Last Minute

Use some innovative methods to learn your subject – While you really cannot avoid cramming a little bit from your textbooks and course materials, a great way to imbibe the data better is to use innovative methods of study especially as part of the last-minute efforts. Instead of trying to rote learn 100 years of US history; you could actually see a video on this subject. It is always easier to retain to your memory those data gathered from visual effects rather from texts.

For any subject including those of science, arts, math etc, there are a lot of video-based materials available which you can watch. This will help you remember and recall what was taught in class.

Think positive – The power of positive thinking is a huge confidence booster during times of stress. If you are struggling with pressure then remember your achievements and those moments that make you feel proud of yourself. Tell yourself that you have already done your best and you just need to sustain your efforts for a few more days.

Visualize your report card with all A+; visualize yourself in your graduation attire receiving the certificate, and more. Avoid stress by such positive thoughts. Undue stress drives you to make avoidable errors and mistakes and prevents you from thinking objectively.

Talk to yourself – "Yes, sometimes I talk to myself especially when I need expert advice!" This common joke is valuable during times of stress. Talk to yourself; motivate yourself; saying your fears out loud actually helps in facing them with more confidence.

Teach others – One of the best ways to learn is to teach others. Ask around if any of your classmates need help in anything. Teach them. Or take your younger sibling or either of your parents as your students. Teach them your lesson. If they have understood what you are saying then you really need to stop worrying; because if you can teach like this then you must be good at the subject.

Draw diagrams or use color in your notes – Both or either of these methods help you remember and recall better. Your brain has photographed the colored notes and saved them in some nook or corner. If you push your mind hard enough, it will retrieve the image and display it to you when you are trying to recall the notes.

Don't forget to take a break – While studying for an exam is important, releasing pressure on your mind by taking breaks is equally important. Breaks allow your mind to rest and rejuvenate so that when it returns to studying it feels refreshed, energized and ready to take on more challenge.

Don't hesitate to reward yourself – Ensure you have a good work-reward system wherein you give yourself a little gift each time you meet a set target. This method really helps in enhancing your self-esteem which in turn boosts your confidence. For example, if you are someone who can get distracted easily, reward yourself at the end of a study day when you focused hard and did not give in to distraction

Or if you have always got a B in a particular subject and you want to get an A. Work hard and stay committed; keep your reward for the time when you will get the A as a result of your hard work.

Remove online distractions – Keep away mobile devices of all kinds during study time. Yet, there will be times when you will need to access the internet. Remember to use a program to block out any kind of distracting websites. There are multiple programs available that you can install onto your device which will, otherwise, keep annoying and distracting.

Prepare a cheat sheet – As you are learning, make lists of keywords and key phrases that will help you remember better. As you formulate them yourself, you will find it very easy to recollect the information when you need it. When you have completed all your ground work, use this cheat sheet to revise. In fact, going through it just before getting into the exam hall will be of immense help.

Get ready with all necessary things for your exam the night before – While this tip might sound childish, it is of utmost importance not to be stressed out on the morning of the exam. Going in a positive frame of mind is the best way to start writing an exam that is bound to end in success. Pack your exam bag the night before.

Get some exercise before you head off for the exam – Get up a little early and go for a short brisk walk before you get ready to leave for the exam. The endorphins released during the physical activity will keep you energized for a long time.

Final Notes

If you're feeling stressed out about final exams, there is a lot that you can do. Have too many essays to focus on studying? Have Prescott Papers write them for you. Struggling with a take home exam? Have one of our professionals help you out.

Finals are not some form of monster. The exams are only a symbol of the culmination of a particular term. Take heart, leverage on your learning, and stride confidently towards the examination hall.

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