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I Need More Time To Write A Paper

I Need More Time to Write a Paper

Deadlines for submission of papers sneak up faster than you like. If you are in need of extra time to complete the paper, you can directly ask your professor. You can either invent or come up with reasons or state the true reason for the need for extra time.

There are many ways you can get an extension to write your paper and this article lists a few of them for you.

Ways to ask for an extension to write your paper

Approach your teacher and request for an extension – The best way to ask your teacher for an extension is to approach her or him directly. And you don't go to him and simply say, I need more time to write a paper. Instead start by explaining why you had a problem finishing the paper on time. Make sure your request sounds sincere and real. And avoid using the email option for such requests. A face-to-face meeting is bound to get you better results.

Approaching your teacher for an extension involves the following three steps:

  • Explain your situation in specific details

  • Be specific about the extra time needed to complete your paper

  • Accept your teacher's verdict/condition

Explain your situation in specific details – The reasons for asking for the extension should be specific in character. Don't give general and vague explanations. Vagueness in your speech makes your reason sound fake whereas detailed and specific reasons render a sense of legitimacy to your excuse.

If depression is the cause for not being able to complete the paper, don't simply say, "I am suffering from bouts of depression." Sound more confident by saying, "I have been undergoing treatment for depression since the beginning of the term and my frequent visits to the doctor have prevented me from attending many classes and submitting assignments on time. I have been unable to sit at a stretch and complete a paper without some form of depression hitting me."

If you have taken more responsibilities that you have been able to handle, don't simply say, "My plate is so full." Instead, state the specific additions that you have made during the term and how they have benefitted you or not. Explain with clear examples how the additional responsibilities have prevented you from completing the assignment on time.

The additional responsibilities could be in the form of a part-time job (owing to a paucity of funds) that takes up 20 hours of your time every week. It could be looking after little siblings because both your parents are working full time. It could be the time that you were compelled to be away from college work owing to a large and important competition that you are participating in. This kind of attitude drives your teacher to take you seriously and give you that much-needed extension.

Be specific about the extra time needed to complete your paper – After explaining your situation in details, ask for the extension using the following kind of language:

  • Could I have until the weekend to complete the paper?

  • Is it possible for you to give me an extension of 3 days to finish my paper?

  • Can I please request you to give me time till tomorrow afternoon to submit my paper?

Accept your teacher's verdict/condition – If your appeal had sounded genuine enough, you are quite likely to get the extension. The following three scenarios are likely to be the outcomes:

  • She or he could agree to the extension unconditionally – Thank your teacher and begin to work so that you meet the new deadline without fail

  • She or she could disagree and not give you the extension – Thank the teacher for giving you the time to present your case and then start work immediately on your paper so that you have a good chance of meeting the deadline

  • She or he could agree to the extension but with a rider – Accept this too and thank the teacher. A rider or condition could be in the form of a penalty in your grading or reducing the deadline from the next assignment.

Whatever the outcome, remember to show gratitude to your teacher and begin working on the paper as soon as possible.

Find a Good Excuse – There are many excuses that you could use to ask for an extension. Some of them include:

  • Blame technology

  • Say you couldn't find enough resources

  • Fake an emergency

  • Use upcoming exams and tests that you need to prepare for as an excuse

  • Use a corrupted file

Blame Technology – Use technical problems such those associated with computers, printers, and USB drivers. You can say you couldn't print out the essay because of some hardware error; this could at the very least get you a few hours of extension. If you use a USB, you could say that the device is misplaced or stolen. You might get a few days to either find the device or redo the whole essay.

Say you couldn't find enough resources – Quite often, the paper that you need to submit requires you to study and analyze sources other than your textbook. If these sources are books from the library, you could say you didn't find the book or it was not available till recently. This could allow your teacher to give you some grace time.

Fake an emergency – Make up an excuse of some close family member or friend was in trouble and you had to rush to their aid and hence were not able to focus on school activities. Of course, in this case, make sure you back your story with the person who is helping you fake this just in case your teacher decides to cross-check your tale.

Use upcoming exams and tests that you need to prepare for as an excuse – It is usual for students to be very busy throughout the terms. In addition to paper and project submissions, there are numerous tests and exams they have to take with an eye on their growth and education. You can use these exams as excuses for not having completed the paper yet and hence the need for extra time.

  • I am appearing for the MCAT exam to be held mid of next month and I have been preparing for it without a break. Hence, the assignment for your class was missed by oversight. Can I please request for an extension?

  • I have three papers with overlapping cutoff dates and I am really working hard and struggling to meet the deadlines of all three. Can you please give me an extension of two days to complete your paper?

  • I am appearing for the GRE exam this Monday and need to focus a lot on my Math paper. Can I please have an extension of just a couple of days to complete my paper?

Final Notes

Still struggling with a deadline? Prescott Papers has writers working around the clock completing essays, research papers, and more. Whether you need a biology report, a report on the Great Gatsby or something else, you can get expedited delivery of any project. Overnight and same-day delivery is available. Our professionals can work quickly and efficiently to make sure even complex papers are ready on time.

Most of the assignments along with due dates are given to you within the first week of the term. Prioritize your work, strategize, and stick to your strategy throughout the term so that you can meet deadlines despite unexpected obstacles that you might encounter during the term.

However, during times when you are bogged down by last minute rushes and you need for time to complete your paper, I hope the tips in my article help you.

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