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I Wish I Had More Time To Finish This Exercise

I Wish I Had More Time to Finish This Exercise

Assignments, practice exercises, projects, and more; these things can overwhelm a college student. The battle against time is the biggest challenge to overcome in college.

And so, you will not be alone when you ask, "I wish I had more time to finish this exercise." Every student will be wishing the same thing; more time to do the assignment; more time to complete the paper; more time for preparing a better essay; more time to study for the test.

Every student wants more time. Time is, indeed, a resource that is in dire shortage. And yet, if you notice there are some students who manage to do most of the things on time and well too.

Do they have a magic wand to increase their daily available time from 24 hours to 48 hours? Ask yourself this question and you will realize that these students are simply managing their time better than you.

Time management is not rocket science. It may appear difficult initially; but with practice, you will realize that if you schedule your day well, you will find time for everything; to finish the exercise and to attend parties as well.

Tips on time management

Prioritize your work – You will have to sit down and make a note of all the things you need to do for the semester. Keep your semester calendar handy for this task.

Make a list of assignments and their deadlines; make a rough estimate of how long each of these assignments will take you to do. Divide this time over a convenient period and make notes of these arrangements. Dedicate some amount of time every day to revise the lessons done in class.

This kind of planning and prioritizing will ensure that you do not leave anything for the last minute. In fact, when you plan, make sure your deadline is at least two days prior to the deadline given by your teacher. That way you will be left with sufficient time to check and recheck your work thereby enhancing the quality of your work as well.

Combine your classes instead of scattering them – Try and combine your classes so that you finish then in 2-3 days of the week and back to back. This method will leave you with sufficient time in large blocks to focus on studying. If you choose to have one class at 10 and the next class at 12, the hour in-between the classes will be invariably wasted on chitchatting with friends or on social media platforms.

Know yourself well – Pay close attention to your habits and keep track of them. You will begin to notice the times when your mind works best. Are you a rooster or a night owl? Find that time of the day that suits you best and then keep the most strenuous jobs for this time when your body and mind are at their peak capabilities.

As you focus on yourself, you will see that you have a natural flair for some subjects and the studying for these happen faster than for those in which you do not have a natural flair. In this case, you will have to rearrange your schedule so as to give more time for the latter subject than the former.

Final Notes

Manage your time well from the beginning and you will see that rarely will you need to worry about completing an exercise on time.

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