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I Wish I Had More Time To Play Video Games

I Wish I Had More Time to Play Video Games

An informed and smart college student knows he or she has to value the resource that is always falling short namely time. Between attending classes, completing homework, maybe managing a part-time job, or even a family, time seems to slip away unnoticed between the cracks.

At the end of the day, you are completely exhausted. As you prepare to retire for the night, you wistfully look at your mobile and see the icon of the new game that was recommended to you by your friend and before you can stop yourself, you are asking, "I wish I had more time to play video games."

Well, you can play video games if you manage your time better. Of course, playing video games when you have so much to do in college might seem like a distant dream; but, actually with some bit of help you can find some time to play your favorite games. And here are a few tips to manage your time better so that you could easily squeeze in a video game or two.

Tips on time management

Start scheduling your study habits from the beginning of the semester itself – Nearly all your teachers will distribute the schedule for the semester within the first week itself. Sit down with this list and make your own timetable based on the assignments and their deadlines.

You will notice that it is rare that you can complete an assignment in one sitting. Reading the material and making notes will take 1-2 sittings; structuring your assignment will take another sitting; and then you will have to sit and complete it.

Break this entire process into small and easy-to-manage chunks and keep one chunk for each day. This way, you will be using your time wisely and the pressure of completing the task within the deadline will be absent leaving you sufficient time to learn and imbibe the concepts of the lesson. Your assignment will be more wholesome and your learning will be more satisfactory than if you simply sat and put some words down without thinking.

Do not miss out on any classes – Listening to the lectures in class is the most efficient way to learn. Reading your notes and integrating it with what is discussed in class makes learning a faster process than reading the course material and understanding on your own.

The examples that your teacher uses in his or her lecture will add a new dimension to your learning process and it will be easy to follow the notes and hence time needed for learning is reduced considerably.

Try and finish classes in 2-3 days of the week - When you finish the classes in 2-3 days of the week, you will be left with full days which you can dedicate to studying and learning. Remember a basic thumb rule for studying; one hour of class means at least two hours of study.

Eat well and sleep well – Whether you work better as a rooster or as a night owl, it is imperative that you eat nutritious wholesome food and sleep for 7-8 hours a day. If you are nutrition- and/or sleep-deprived, your body and mind are not going to respond the way you want them to. Avoid frequent late-night parties and if you do have to go for them, choose only the ones that come on weekends. Combining late-night parties with classes the next day is a sure prescription for disaster.

Maintain a time log for your entire semester – Maintain a log of how long you took to complete the various tasks including completing assignments, preparing for tests, exams, and quizzes, completing homework, studying for each class, etc. This data will help you plan and manage your time better in the future semesters.

Final Notes

If you sat down and planned your schedule for the semester well and if you implemented your plan wisely, you will notice that there is ample time not just to play a few video games but also to have a fun-filled and meaningful college life.

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