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I Wish I Had More Time To Read Books

I Wish I Had More Time to Read Books

The amount of time each of us has is more or less the same. Depending on how much sleep you need (7-8 hours), the time available to all of us is usually 16-17 hours a day.

Now, since this measureable quantity is the same for all, how come some students do more and some do less in this same duration of time? Your seemingly distant dream, "I Wish I Had More Time to Read Books" can become a reality by managing your time well and also enhancing your focus and productivity.

This article is aimed at giving you some tips on time management and some tips on how to improve your focus and productivity so that you can get more out of your college life than you are getting now.

Time Management Tips

Create a suitable schedule – There are many ways to create a schedule; but, the important thing is to fit it as comfortably as you can to suit your requirements. You can use your course schedule as the basis for your personal timetable.

The course schedule, usually distributed to students within the first week of the semester, will have details of assignments, project, essays, etc along with the final dates of submission.

Take one assignment at a time; break it up into manageable chunks and schedule each small bit to be done every day. So, for example, if you had to write an essay for which the submission date is two weeks from now, then divide the tasks for writing the essay as follows:

  • Reading the requisite material and making notes – on one day

  • Structuring your essay – on the second day

  • Actually writing out your essay – on the third day

  • Reviewing and finishing touches – on the fourth day

This is a very basic structure of the timetable. The reading and making notes might take you more than one day; the structuring also could take you longer; reviewing and finishing touches need not take very long.

Moreover, you can combine the reading and making notes for other essays too. Or do the reading activity for one and the structuring for another so that there is some variety in you study pattern.

What I am trying to say is when you plan and implement your plan as diligently as possible you will see that there will be very rare cases when you will not be able to submit something within the deadline. Scheduling and planning ahead helps you manage time better.

Avoid procrastination – After you have planned your schedule, do not look for ways to procrastinate. Make sure you do your activities as per your timetable without fail. Avoid getting carried away by peer pressure or something else and tell you yourself, "I will go to the party today and postpone today's work to tomorrow. Anyway, I have ample time before the submission is due."

Procrastination achieves nothing and before you know it the submission date will be on your head. Avoid all activities that come in the way of your timetable. Keep your socializing activities for the weekend. Alternatively, reward yourself with a party for completing an essay as per your schedule.

Don't take on more work than you are capable of – Know yourself well; understand your capabilities and stay within your set limits. Do not get carried away and sign on for more classes than you can actually attend and do justice to. When you exhaust yourself with excessive work, your productivity gets a beating as you will not have the energy to do anything perfectly.

Tips to improve focus and productivity

Use digital technology sensibly – Smartphones and other such devices are definitely necessary in today's modern world. As a student, it makes a lot of sense to leverage the advantages of technology into your learning process.

Use technology to record classes so that you can hear it any number of times later on; use technology to create schedules so that reminders are triggered and you will not forget to complete your tasks; use technology to make notes; use technology to read more data with regard to your courses.

And avoid getting addicted to energy- and time-guzzling social media platforms. Keep track of when and where you will use these apps and strictly adhere to this timetable too.

Choose the right and a comfortable environment for study – Make sure your furniture is comfortable; you cannot focus well if you are sitting in an uncomfortable position.

Make sure your desk is tidy and uncluttered; keep only those elements that you are going to need for the particular task you have in mind and put everything else away.

Make sure you have sufficient stationery with you. Your productivity and focus are definitely going to come down if you have to keep getting up to find stationery.

Make sure all distractions such as social media and email notifications are switched off. In fact, your productivity will be enhanced considerably if you can switch off your mobile phone during study time.

Organize your work well – Good organization skills help in improving your focus and productivity. Keep your notes in order; keep your unfinished tasks in order such that you know exactly where you need to pick up the threads; keep your textbooks and other reading material well-organized. Having to search for books and notes can eat into your time and reduce productivity and focus considerably.

As a corrigendum for good organization, keep an orderly filing system. Have folder(s) for each subject; label them so that you can just glance through to find which one you want. Divide each folder into subtopics and label them again. Keep all things related to a particular subtopic in chronological order. When you organize things like this, you will achieve two goals; the first one is a tidy and uncluttered work environment and the second one is finding what you need very easily and without much ado.

The files on your computer must follow this process too. Folders and subfolders with clearly understandable file and folder names will make retrieval of records easy and non-problematic. Organizing your data, files, and all other aspects of your work in an orderly manner improves your focus and productivity immensely.

Work during your commuting time or while doing some other activity – If you attend a commuter college, then you have the option of listening to audiobooks or the recorded audio of your class. This will save you plenty of time and also make your commute more interesting. You could also combine listening to classes while doing some other activity such as washing dishes or arranging your wardrobe or ironing your clothes.

Eat well, sleep well, and keep fit – Nutritious food and regular exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy body and a healthy body holds a healthy mind that will open its wings to soar as high as it can. Avoid all kinds of fatty foods and aerated drinks. These foods make you feel very lethargic and reduce your ability to focus in class.

Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and energetic throughout the day. Dehydration can cause headaches and make you feel sluggish. Allocate some time to run or jog or walk or swim or some such form of exercise to keep your body fit. Do not compromise on 7-8 hours of restful sleep in the night.

Final Notes

The human mind is capable of achieving great and seemingly insurmountable heights. It is such a powerful element that if the mind wills, then the deadliest of diseases can be cured or the best of machines can be made to reach the stars.

However, the cornerstone of this power is acquired knowledge. It is only as we learn that our minds develop and grow. College is for this express purpose. You read and acquire knowledge so that your mind becomes more powerful each day.

It is unfortunate, therefore, when you choose to waste away these wonderful years to pursue unworthy things instead of focusing on enhancing and developing your thinking capabilities.

I hope the above tips on time management and on improving focus and productivity will help you read more books and learn more things.

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