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What Is The Fastest Way To Write An Essay?

What Is The Fastest Way To Write An Essay?

Whether you are planning to appear for your SAT exam, which requires you to write a great essay in less than 30 minutes, or you are looking at improving the speed and quality of your essay writing skills, which is a much-needed talent in college, there are easy steps that will answer your question, "What Is The Fastest Way To Write An Essay?"

While initially, the art of writing an essay can be quite daunting; with diligent practice anyone can master this not-very-difficult format of writing. Before I give you some tips for the fastest way to write your essay, let me tell you what challenges you will usually encounter while attempting to write one.

Challenges of writing an essay

Organization of the essay – This is a common problem that novice essay writers face. How to organize the essay? What should come first? What should be the arguments to be included? How to convince the reader with irrefutable points of view? Which is the best format to organize the essay? Writing your essay with a powerful argument is the key element to bringing out your skills in in-depth analysis and coherent writing.

Reading practices – If you want to write well, you have to read better. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you will be. Additionally, you must read efficiently; that is to say, as you read a topic you must imbibe the way data is arranged or spoken about with regard to the topic.

For example, reading science papers will make you realize that the data is a little more organized in terms of presenting the amounts, duration of times, quantities of raw materials used in, perhaps, an experiment and other the observational exercises before the conclusion is put forth.

Reading an art paper, on the other hand, is less likely to have detailed "per second" observations noted and could involve more of feelings and emotions

If you have to write essays based on a particular format, read up papers which use the format and understand what is to be done. Reading inspires you and gets you to be reflective and contemplative; this means you are trying to understand your own mind. The best way to study and learn is to delve deep into our own minds which are treasure houses of thoughts and ideas.

Language skills – No matter how great your argument is or no matter how good the quality and quantity of your references are, if you cannot articulate your ideas and thoughts wells, these advantages could be overlooked by the assessing teacher. In order to pick up amazing language skills, you again need to increase your reading practices. Reading is the basis for good writing. Undertake grammar tests and vocabulary exercises to improve your language skills.

Easy steps to follow to write an essay in the quickest possible time

The following are some easy steps to helping you write an essay in the fastest possible time. I am presuming that you have focused your attention on your reading, language, and formatting skills during the term sufficiently.

Study the topic of the essay – Read and understand what is expected from you. Does it require you to give your viewpoint with supportive arguments? Does it need to be just information supplied in a given format? Make notes of what is asked of you. For an example, your question could be like this:

I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people – Maya Angelou. This is a quote by the famous poetess. The questions that follow could be, "Do you agree with this statement? Support your answer with examples. The examples can include personal experiences and/or stories from the public domain that support your stand."

Brainstorm your introduction – Quickly make points of all the things that are running in your head. Your introduction should contain the thesis statement which conveys to the reader what the arguments or points you are planning to make in the essay. By reading the thesis statement, the reader will be in no doubt as to what the essay will be talking about.

For example, in the above example, a good introduction statement would read as: Maya Angelou defines a hero as anyone who can make this earth a better place for all. I would like to reiterate her stand by giving you examples from my personal experience. Heroes are, indeed, worthy of worship. Didn't George S Patton once say, "A real hero is a man who fights even though he is scared?" Using a quote in the introduction catches the attention of the reader.

Plan your essay – Spend about 1/3rd of the time you have given yourself to complete the essay in planning. While this may seem too much of time, it is, in reality, the lifesaver of fast essays. Planning, structuring, and jotting down points are the most critical aspect of essay writing that need to be perfected before you actually begin the rather easy part of writing.

In the above example, you could make a list of 4-5 instances in your life wherein you saw the efforts of heroes bear fruition. Once, you have got these people in your mind; put them in order of importance as per your opinion. Make short notes against each of the people you plan to write about in your essay.

Write the outline of your essay – For example, in the above essay, you would have the introduction with the thesis statement. You will ideally have as many paragraphs as the number of people you want to write about. Of course, if the write-up about them is too long, then you can break them up into 2 paragraphs each giving one particular idea.

In the above example again, you could place the order of the people in the order you met them as these are personal experiences. This will give a seamless flow to the entire essay. It will also make the reader understand how your thought process has evolved as you met the people in question and enriched your own life with the experiences from the interactions with these people.

Make points for your conclusion – This is an easy part as you could include a very brief summary of the points in your essay and reinforce your thesis statement. It might make sense to include some final thoughts too here, if you wish. Include the points for the conclusion in your planning.

Creating your essay – Now that your points are ready for the introduction, the various paragraphs of the body, and the conclusion, you just need to get down to brass tacks. You will, perhaps, need to spend about 10 minutes for the introduction, about 20-25 minutes for the body and about 5-10 minutes for the conclusion. The time taken to write the essay totals to about 45- minutes. If you include the 1/3rd of the total time on planning the essay, then the entire process should take about an hour, give and take a few minutes.

Final Notes

While writing an easy is no mean task, it also is not prohibitively difficult. Like most learning aspects in the world, writing essays also need practice, patience, and diligence from you. I would like to reiterate that reading is very, very important to be a good writer.

Reading improves your vocabulary, broadens your writing style, and enhances your thinking abilities. Reading helps you analyze better; reading makes you contemplative; as you read, you are also thinking, "Do I agree with this or not?"

If your reading skills and practices are good and strong, then writing an essay in the fastest possible time will not bother you at all.

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I hope my suggestions are useful to you. All the best.

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