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Can I Pass My College Class With a D?

Can I Pass My College Class With A D?

Can I pass my college class with a D grade? Yes, D is considered a passing grade by many colleges. But, there are enormous problems that you will have to encounter if you pass your college with a D grade.

The problems of a student with a D grade are different from the problems of a student with an F grade. Let us see what identifies an F and a D grade student.

An F grade student

This student clearly had problems throughout his or her college life. They would, invariably, have been compulsively truant; missing classes consistently. They would have been students who abhorred school or college and hated writing and reading. They, probably, had other issues outside of college tormenting them.

An F grade student clearly knows what his or her problem is and if attacked with focus, perhaps, can come out of the mess. An F grade student has the option of looking elsewhere for his or her interests. F grade students are likely to drop out midway and find a path more suitable to their talents and it is quite likely that this chosen path takes them to success.

F students may be a serious problem in education, but I believe there are ways to manage them because there is a sense of transparency in their case. They failed because there was some serious problem. Identifying and solving these problems are not very difficult.

A D grade student

A D grade student, on the other hand, has a more serious issue. Though a D grade is considered a passing grade, it is considered an unsatisfactory grade and student learns next to nothing. A student who gets a D grade is more a lazy person than a person lacking in capabilities. A D grade student wakes up at the last minute and in the short time available, he or she manages to work a little hard and just about scrape through.

This student comes up different excuses such as, "didn't understand the book," or some such lame things. However, when driven to a corner, they are able to come up with decent performances although their sustained laidback attitude leaves them with nothing more than a D.

The D grade student is capable of much more but pretends not to be good enough. The driving force for this attitude could be anything ranging from sheer disinterest to sheer laziness. Whatever be the driving force, the intention to be better is not there and therefore, I believe, it is difficult to find solutions unless they change their basic outlook on life.

Consequences of passing college with a D

While you may have passed college with a D, there are other problems you will encounter in the outside world:

  • Your potential employers will not be impressed at all and chances of getting a well-paying are very low.

  • A D grade reflects lackadaisicalness of the individual and no one wants to employ such a person

  • A D grade reflects repeated requests for extensions of deadlines to submit papers and no one wants to employ a person who cannot deliver work as committed

Moreover, many large organizations do their initial screening of job applications based on the college grades. The screening levels are almost always fixed at C grades and above. So, the chances that you will even be called for a job interview are low if you pass college with a D grade.

Final Notes

Grades are critical elements in your transcripts and they play a significant role in marketing your skill sets and competency levels. Even if you are actually competent and the grades fell for some other acceptable or unacceptable reason, then too, your image will take a beating and your potential employers will not really look at your job application.

So, do not start college with an intention of merely passing. Work to excel and there is no doubt that you will.

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