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Can I Retake College Courses After Graduation?

Can I Retake College Courses After Graduation?

Yes, of course, you can retake college courses after graduation for any number reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • To improve GPA (grade point average) in the major program

  • To improve cumulative GPA of the student's career

  • To do an additional course that is specifically needed to get a particular job

If you wish to retake college courses after graduation to improve your GPA in your major, then you must retake those classes that are relevant to the major program. This is because grades received in those courses in a specific discipline are used to calculate GPA for the major whereas other general education courses are factored into your cumulative GPA.

It is important for you to think objectively as to why you want to retake a college course and then only decide on the further course of action as to how to go about it. Retaking a college course is a very personal decision and it is entirely up to whether you should or you should not retake the course.

Of course, you have to include other factors before making your choice such as what is the policy of your college towards retaking courses. Do they allow everyone to retake all courses or are there some criteria for you to meet? It would be a wise decision to speak to the student counselor or advisor in your college before you arrive at any kind of decision.

This article aims to give you some insights into when it makes sense to retake a class (advantages) and when it does not make sense (disadvantages) to retake a class.

Policies of colleges for retaking courses

Every college has its own policies and procedures for retaking class. Here are a few examples:

  • Some colleges will allow you to retake a class only if your grade is below C-

  • Some colleges will allow you to retake only those classes which were originally done from the same college; they will not allow a retake even if credits have been transferred from another institution to their institution

  • Many colleges allow students to retake those classes in which they have received a D or an F grade

Advantages of repeating college courses

  • If you have missed courses or achieved an unsatisfactory grade because of an illness or financial strain or some such legitimate reason, then the chances that your grade will improve the second time around are high and it makes sense to repeat the course with the intention to improve college scores.

  • The new and improved score will be used to calculate your GPA and the chances of improving your GPA are high. However, the old score will continue to appear on your transcript. This is a good sign too as it renders a sense of dedicated and determination to your attitude which could be taken positively by a prospective employer.

  • If you have got a D or an F in a class which is a prerequisite for another important class in your major, then retaking this course is beneficial for you. In fact, it may not just be beneficial, it could be a pre-condition. In such cases, you may not have an option but to retake the course, overcome all the earlier hurdles successfully, and improve your grade.

  • When you redo the course with the same professor, then you would have the advantage of knowing his or her expectations from students. You would also be accustomed to his or her working style which will give you an edge over the first time. Also, the lessons from the previous attempts at the course will give you an advantage too.

  • If the job you applied for has a pre-requisite to redo the course to enhance your understanding of the subject matter, then it makes sense to retake the course. Learning something a second time always improves your comprehension and thinking skills considerably and this can be leveraged at your workplace to grow your career.

Disadvantages of repeating courses

  • Ask yourself honestly if the reason for failing a grade is because of your laziness and lackadaisical attitude. Are you going to change this outlook the second time around? Will it change your grades for the better? If the answer to even one of the questions is a no, then you should avoid retaking the course. However, if you sure of yourself and commitment levels, then go ahead and apply to the college to retake the course.

  • Even if there is an improvement in your GPA, you must think of whether it is better to do an advanced course or repeat this course. For example, if you have a C in basic arithmetic and you chose to retake the course and this took your GPA to B+, which is definitely good.

However, if you had taken an advanced arithmetic course instead of retaking the basic course, then your transcript would have read: Basic Arithmetic – C and Advanced Arithmetic – C. This looks better than: First attempt Basic Arithmetic – C and second attempt Basic Arithmetic – B+. So, think of whether doing an advanced class in the same course is better than repeating the old one simply to improve a score.

  • If the poor performance or grade happened in the first year of college and subsequently you have managed to show a decent improvement, then it is quite unwise to retake the first year course simply to improve grades. Most employers are completely empathetic to the fact that most college students find the first year very difficult.

This transitional period can be a stressful time for new college students and employers are willing to accommodate poor grades during this time. In such cases, it does not make sense to retake the course. Moreover, some colleges allow the removal of poor grades belonging to the first year.

  • If the poor grade is only in one or two courses, then too, it may not be a wise decision to waste time, energy, and money to retake the courses. This is because most employers understand that no one is perfect. And if you can explain the reasons for these one-off poor grade instances, then it is very unlikely that they will come in the way of your career.

The same holds good for the poor grades that are linked to an extenuating circumstance such as an unprecedented illness or a tragedy in your life during that period. Most employers understand the stress of these situations and are willing to accommodate these low grades. Moreover, if the subsequent advance courses of the same class reflect a much better grade, then it is quite worthless to waste resources to retake the earlier courses.

  • If you have no choice but to take the course the second time with the same professor as before and if there was a problem with his or her teaching style and/or course content, then the very purpose of retaking the course will be defeated. The chances that your scores will improve by doing it again with the same problems as the first time are quite low and hence it is better to avoid retaking the class in such cases.

Final Notes

Irrespective of the reason you are retaking the class, you must remember one thing; do not be embarrassed; do not feel guilty, and do not feel humiliated or insulted.

Even if laziness, lethargy, partying too much, not focusing etc are the reasons for low grades and hence the need for you to retake classes; even then, do not feel bad about it. I believe that if you have had the courage to accept your mistakes and make efforts to undo them or learn from them then you have to feel proud of yourself and not guilty or ashamed.

All of us make mistakes, but it is the strongest among us who can stand up; accept his or her mistake and move on with life with an intention to improve it.

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