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Can I Retake College Courses To Raise My Gpa?

Can I Retake College Courses To Raise My Gpa?

The question, "Can I retake college courses to raise my gpa?" is usually asked by students if they find themselves in one of the following situations:

  • If the student has failed a course

  • If the student has done poorly in a course

The decision to retake college courses is entirely dependent on the student and his or her state of mind. Moreover, some colleges allow students to retake the course whereas some college may not allow this option. Some colleges may allow a student to retake a course only if he or she has got an F grade while others may allow students to retake a course to improve grades.

It is best for you to sit down and talk to your student counselor and take the course of action that is most suited to you and approved by your college. Let us consider some reasons for retaking a course and also some reasons when and why you should not retake a course.

Why should you retake a course

In many colleges, the recent grade received by the student replaces the lower grade. Therefore, retaking a course could result in the improvement of your grades. The lower grade received earlier will normally remain on the transcript; but, it will not be factored in to calculate the GPA and hence your overall GPA (grade point average) could have a positive effect.

It is important to check this out with your college counselor because in some colleges, the average of the earlier grade and the recent grade is taken and that is incorporated in the transcript. Although this will also be an improvement over the previous GPA, the difference may not be significant enough.

You might definitely have to retake the course if you have received an F grade especially if it is part of the major or if you are planning to take another class for which you need a better grade from this course.

You will have to retake the course in the same college. While other colleges accept transfer of credits, they do not include the grades to calculate the GPA. If you are retaking the course for a particular requirement and not to improve the grade, then you could think of retaking it in another college closer to home, perhaps during your summer vacation so that you do not lose out on time.

If the course under consideration is part of the major and a clear understanding is essential for a future major class, then it makes sense to retake the class. This will improve your understanding of the course and give you an opportunity to improve your grades.

Why should you NOT retake a course

Prior to retaking a course, it is important for you to sit down and do some thinking. If the retake is a prerequisite for something, then it is a different matter. Else, calculate the difference in your GPA that you expect to achieve realistically. Is the difference significant and worth the time taken to redo the class? Ensure that retaking a course does not clash with your other academic goals such as finishing your degree on time.

Before retaking the course, jot down the various actions that you will do to improve your grades.

  • Will you take extra tutoring classes?

  • Will you improve your attendance?

  • Will you pay more attention?

  • Will you take on more assignments and/or homework?

Will these additional activities add significant value to your learning and therefore facilitate a good grade improvement? If the answer is no, then it makes no sense to waste time and energy resources on retaking the course.

You must remember that you can get credit for a course only once. So, if you have passed the course, but are retaking it to improve your grade, then you will not get credit for the previous course. At this time, it might make sense to see if taking another class to get added credits is better than retaking this course.

Some colleges, though not all institutions, give you the option of removing the first year's grades from your transcript if you had earned poor grades. If your grades have improved in the next 3 years, most employers are quite sympathetic and understand the difficulties of that transitional and are quite willing to make accommodations. Hence, it does not make sense to retake such classes even if your grades were poor.

It is quite possible to explain to your prospective employer why you found one particular class difficult. Most employers understand that no one is perfect and everyone has a problem in one area or the other. Hence, before you consider retaking the course, put your grade in perspective and then make a choice after due considerations.

Important points to remember if you choose to retake a course

Retake the course as soon as possible because the learning in the previous will still remain fresh in your memory and the added learning will improve understanding considerably.

Make sure you know what changes you propose in your strategy the second time around.

Check to see if you want to take the course with the same professor. The advantage of taking the course with the same professor is you will know his or her teaching style and expectations. The disadvantage is what if the teaching style was the problem for your low grade previously. Think and then make your choice.

Final Notes

Retaking a course is a very personal matter. It could be great for some and quite a disaster for others. It could give you an opportunity to improve grades but it could also take away an opportunity to take another equally important class for your major.

The presence of two grades will reflect your bona fide intent to want to improve and your deep interest in the subject. Yet, there could be situations wherein retaking a course could backfire rather than help you.

It is entirely up to you and the conditions in your college whether you should or should not retake a course. Just remember not to act hastily. Think things through sensibly; take advice from seniors and professors.

At the risk of repetition, if you do choose to retake the course to improve your GPA, make sure you are completely in control of what changes you are going to bring about in the second round so that there is a marked improvement in your grades. Ensure your implement you strategy without fail.

Irrespective of the fact whether you are doing the course the first time or the second time, our experts at Prescott Papers are standing by to give you a helping hand to facilitate completion of the course with a good grade. Do call us for all your academic writing needs.

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