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How To Get A 3.5 Gpa In College

How to Get a 3.5 Gpa In College

Do not be disappointed, angry or upset with yourself if you think you are underperforming. Even the most academically brilliant student goes through some bad phases and if you want to pass through such difficult phases unscathed, then you must be patient with yourself.

If you are underperforming in college and want to know some tips on how to get a 3.5 gpa in college, then this article will help you. I have included some psychological tips and ideas on how to improve your performance in college.

Tips on improving GPA in college

Keep a positive attitude – If you want to get a 3.5 GPA score, then you must already be in the C+ to the B+ range and now you are looking to get into the A range. A 3.5 GPA would roughly translate to B+ to A- and a percentile range of 85-90. This means you are already doing quite well and you just need to focus a little more on doing better.

So, keep a positive attitude and push and exert yourself a little more to achieve that 3.5. Sometimes, despite many attempts, your score will simply not cross the 3.3 or 3.2 mark and this can really make you depressed and fill you with negative thoughts. Avoid this feeling and persist in your efforts; they will bear fruit sooner than later.

Identify and recognize your weak areas – Before you start to draw up a plan of action, sit down and write down your areas of weakness. Look at your transcripts and identify the subjects/classes/topics that need added focus. Look at each subject. Are the grades bad in all the areas or are there some areas which need more focus than the others?

Is it only one class that is bringing down your entire GPA score? Look at your transcripts and your grades over the past few months and make detailed notes. Was there a sudden aberration and was there a general decline in performance? Check if your grades have always been in the same range.

It is quite possible that you know the answers to these questions. Yet, looking at your transcripts and making notes will ensure that you give some kind of tangibility to your thoughts using which you can make a plan of action.

After this, make a note of all the things that are preventing you from doing better than now. How many hours of work are you putting in? Is it sufficient? Should you look at increasing the time? Are you studying correctly? Was there a family problem this time to distract you? Did any kind of illness come in the way of your routine study?

The answers to these questions will help you prepare your strategy.

Speak to your teachers/professors – Do not hesitate to speak to your teachers and ask them for help. Take tips from them to improve your grades. Ask them for feedback which when implemented will take you to the next grading level.

Focus in class – Focusing on your lesson and the lecture during class will help you immensely to improve your grades. Your professor takes a lot of trouble and spends a lot of time to prepare the lecture. He or she keeps examples ready; finds innovative ways to teach a complex concept; includes audio-visual media to demonstrate an idea, and more.

Your professors prepare questions and arguments for discussion in class to engage the students and make them actively participate in the class. These methods are meant to help students understand the lesson better and also facilitate in improved data retention capabilities. A large percentage of learning takes place in classes and hence, it makes a lot of sense to attend class regularly and focus on what is being taught.

Organize yourself – Any kind of clutter in your life can lead to falling grades. Get yourself organized. Keep your study table free of clutter. Arrange your notes, books, and related papers neatly and in a particular order so that it is easy for retrieval. Avoid spending time looking for things.

Look at your time management skills too. Are you using your time efficiently? Create a schedule, allocate a lot of time for extra studying, remember to allocate more time for subjects and topics that are problematic for you. It is very likely that the reason your score is reaching the 3.5 levels is that you are not spending sufficient time on studying.

Work on your note-taking habits and skills – I have already told you the importance of attending class regularly. Taking efficient notes is also an important element to improve your studying pattern which, in turn, will lead to improved grades. Learn to write clear notes that are legible so that it is easy for you to read them later; avoid illegible scribbling.

Make notes as you read your course material given by your professor and prescribed textbooks. Making diligent notes helps you in more than one way; it reiterates your understanding of the concept; it improves your listening skills, and it prevents you from complaining of boredom as you are too busy making notes to feel bored.

Here are some note-taking tips that will improve your skills:

  • Do not forget to take any handouts given in the class. This will eliminate the need for writing down things that are already there in the handout.

  • Don't write down every word your professor says. Listen carefully and make your own short, succinct notes/phrases as you go along.

  • Many professors summarize their class at the end of a session. Look out for these summaries and make notes of these.

  • Find your own methods of writing things using symbols and the shorthand signs. This will help you write faster and keep pace with the lecture

  • Keep different notepads for different topics and/or subjects

Find the best possible learning style that suits you the best – You are, perhaps, using a learning style that is not really appropriate for you. Find out what suits you best and use that for optimum output. Here are some methods of learning; identify and recognize your learning style:

Note-taking method – Many students learn as they make copious notes either in class or while reading related content. The problem with note-taking is that it might take up a lot of time. However, you could think of using this method for those subjects in which you are lagging or finding difficulty.

Learning by rote – Though, seemingly old-fashioned and time-consuming, some parts are great for learning by heart. Examples include definitions, theorems, poems, quotes, etc. Learning these items by heart will increase your confidence level and being able to recall them perfectly during a test will help you complete the paper within the stipulated time.

Group study – Some students are very comfortable learning in a group or with some selected friends. This is a great method as your learning is multiplied by the number of people in the group. For example, if the group is learning a definition together, you could each choose to say the definition aloud while the rest of the group listens. This actually translates to learning the definition as many times as the number of students in the group.

Of course, the demerit of this method is this; usually it happens that when friends get together, there is a lot more chatter about unimportant things than actual studying. So, you must take care not to drift from the topic and keep the focus on studying alone.

Mind maps and concept maps – Many students make mind maps and diagrams as they study giving their understanding a diagrammatical representation. This is a good method as it helps you in recalling data by retrieving the image of the diagram that you practiced while you studied.

Final Notes

Reaching a score of 3.5 is not as difficult as it seems. With effort, diligence, and patience, it is quite possible to achieve this target. Keeping a positive attitude is a key differentiator between a successful student and an also-ran. Persistence is the answer to nearly all problems related to study.

Make that plan of action and stick to it as much as possible. Remember to keep yourself healthy by eating well, sleeping well, and exercising well.

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