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Is a C a Bad Grade?

Is A C A Bad Grade?

Whether a C is a bad grade or not has to be decided by you. There are students out there who are content with a C and will not overcome their lazy streak to work to their full potential wasting precious college time in partying and socializing beyond a reasonable limit.

However, there are many more students who believe that C is a bad grade and unless they pull up their socks and work hard, they will not be able to leverage the advantages of finishing college with flying colors and landing that well-paying job.

So, here are some great tips, if followed diligently, will help you get your grades at a much higher level than now.

Ways to improve your college grades

Believe in yourself and your abilities – Unless you are afflicted with a genuine medical issue, remember that you have the power and the capabilities to do anything. The human mind and body are such powerful tools that nothing is impossible if you choose to make it possible. And no obstacle will stand in your way if you choose to believe in yourself and your abilities.

After all, we are talking about doing well in college! College is the first step that you take to make a success of your life. Get this step right and there are little chances for your life to be anything else but extremely successful.

Do not allow family myths such as, "no one in our family has gone to college," or "we do not have the math or science gene running in our family," or "your brother couldn't so how will you," or "your sister was very smart but I don't see that in you," or any such negative thoughts undermine your efforts.

Simply look within you, believe in yourself, pull up your socks, roll up your sleeves and get to work in college.

Attend every class – Attending every class and listening to the lectures and actively engaging and participating in the class can contribute to nearly 70% of your learning. As you listen and make notes, the learning of the course content gets deeper into your head. Moreover, it gets easier to understand the study material if you listened in class rather than if you tried to learn and understand the study material on your own.

Every teacher works a lot to create activities to engage his or her students so that learning is more wholesome and less burdensome than without the activities, It would be a wasteful effort if you did not attend class and made use of these activities to improve your learning.

And please ensure that you attend class with the intention to learn and not simply to pass time. Avoid indulging in activities that hamper your learning process such as texting, surfing the net, reading unrelated materials, or talking to your classmate(s).

Develop healthy study habits – Good study habits are bound to help you improve grades and such good habits will come of immense use even after college.

  • Attend classes regularly

  • Make sure you have completed pre-class activities and tasks given by your professor

  • Do not procrastinate; complete all assignments well within the deadline

  • Tackle large assignments by breaking them down into small and easy-to-manage pieces; complete each part diligently; then tie them up together neatly

  • Study regularly everyday from the beginning of the semester so that you can avoid unnecessary cramming just prior to your final exam

Do not wait to ask for help – You can get help from anyone to improve your grades. And the earlier you choose to ask for help the better it is for you. Do not wait till you realize that the course is really difficult and you need help. Look for that help in the beginning itself.

The first obvious place you should look for help is your teachers and/or teaching assistants. Next, you can go to tutoring centers set up in most colleges especially for math and writing skills. Here, you can get help and expert advice from other better-performing students and teaching assistants too.

You can find personal and private tutors also. There are many graduate students offering this service for a small fee. If, however, you think that academically you are able to manage but need help in other aspects, then please do not hesitate to visit the counselor and student advice centers set up in most colleges.

You can find assistance to manage your learning disabilities, emotional issues, or any other such problems. Last but not the least; do not hesitate to reach out to your own classmates who are better than you in any subject(s). In turn, you could help them in the subject(s) that you are good at and they are struggling. This attitude of reciprocity has another advantage; it will go a long way in making lifelong buddies from among your college friends.

Improve your writing skills – Writing skill is extremely critical to achieving success not only in academics but also in your career. You must endeavor to improve your vocabulary and your communication skills while in college. If you cannot express your ideas through your writing, then they are quite worthless to the world outside of you.

You must pick up skills to present and articulate your arguments and viewpoints powerfully and convincingly. This skill will come of use to you while writing your research paper, while writing an essay, while presenting your opinions etc. In fact, some students simply get bad grades because they have done little to improve their writing skills.

Participate in campus activities – While this advice may seem to be in contrary to spending more time studying, it is imperative that you include some amount of campus activities to your college life. Statistically, it is accepted that students who indulge and participate in extra-curricular activities are better time managers than those who do not.

As you manage the challenges of curricular and co-curricular activities, your ability to balance different tasks and your ability to multitask improve drastically. This trait will come in handy throughout your life where you will be compelled to perform multiple tasks simultaneously both in your personal life and in your professional life.

However, just remember not to go overboard with this aspect of college. You must know which activities are good for you and which are to be avoided. You must know which is the best time to participate in these activities and which is the time to firmly say no to requests from friends.

Final Notes

Improving your grades and/or becoming a better student take time and effort. There is no magic wand that you can swish and create a miracle overnight. Yes, the result will be a miracle; but the process is tough and arduous.

I can assure that the path may be tough initially; but, as you gain confidence and slowly but surely, you master critical learning techniques, you will see the As unfolding on your transcript.

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