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Is It Okay To Get Bad Grades In College

Is It Okay To Get Bad Grades in College

While it is not at all okay to get bad grades in college, you need not think that bad grades can end your dreams of getting a college degree. So, shift your focus from, "Is It Okay To Get Bad Grades in College," to "How can I improve my grades in college?"

The way to move from bad grades to good grades is to develop good, healthy study habits. This article is aimed at giving you some tips on how to develop good study habits.

Tips on developing good study habits

Study everyday and avoid cramming before an exam – Space out your study time from the beginning of the semester itself so that you are not left with a huge unmanageable lot just before the exam. Create daily study schedules for all your subjects and diligently follow this timetable.

You need to change your study habit from cramming before an exam to consistent, regular, short, and manageable study periods spread across the semester.

Plan your study time – Do not be haphazard and disorganized in your approach to study. Plan well as to what you are going to study on a day or in a week. Do not be whimsical and sporadic and tell yourself, "I will study for two hours every day whenever and whatever I feel like during that time."

Instead, create a timetable like this:

  • 6.00 PM to 7.00 – Physics – learning concepts under Sound and completing two practice exercises

  • 7.15 PM to 8.15 PM – English – Reading and making notes for the essay that is due two weeks from now

  • 8.30 to 9.30 PM – Math – Revising what happened in class today; learning up formulae in the current chapter, and doing 2-3 practice exercises.

Like the above, make clear and succinct timetables for every week and stick to it diligently and see your grades leap forward to where you want them to.

Keep your study time constant every day – For example, the study time in the above format is from 6.00 PM to around 9.30 PM every day. Make sure this schedule remains constant. When you diligently stick to this routine, the habit of studying in the allocated time will become an integral part of your life.

Such good habits will be of immense help even in your life after college where work never ends. Consistent and regular habits will help you overcome even seemingly difficult times. Of course, there could be times when you find a physical or emotional setback is preventing you from sticking to your study schedule. That is ok. Just remember to get back as soon as you can.

Do not procrastinate your study schedule – Making a study timetable is easy; following it diligently is far more difficult. However, it is possible to do it if you are strict and avoid procrastination. If your schedule says, you have to start studying at 6.00 PM, then you must start at that time.

When the time comes to start, do not give yourself any reason whatsoever to postpone. You can look at rewarding yourself (if you stick to your schedule for a predetermined stretch of time) to stay motivated.

Final Notes

Bad grades are bad news for you! It is not ok to get bad grades! Get this into your head and make sure you start a semester with the intention of getting at least one A on your transcript.

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