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Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Bad Gpa For One Semester? [Part 2]

Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Bad Gpa For One Semester? [Part 2]

"Will I Get Kicked Out Of College For A Bad Gpa For One Semester?" No, you may not be thrown out just as yet. But you will, undoubtedly, be put on academic probation for a fixed period of time.

During this probationary period, if you do are not able to make amends and get your grades up to satisfactory levels, then you could be sent out of college with a notation on your manuscript.

So, if you have got bad grades, wake up from your deep slumber and work your way up to better grades. And believe me, the path from bad grades to good grades is not as difficult as it seems.

Ways to improve your GPA and get out of academic probation

Go to class regularly – While some professors may simply read out notes from a PowerPoint presentation, most other professors work a lot to include class and group activities that engage and inspire students to participate. These activities and discussions are very useful in deepening your understanding of the topic.

Even if a teacher merely reads out notes and you are tempted to skip class and want to read up the same notes by downloading the data from the link given by the teacher, do not do it. Attend the class. If you miss out on class, you run the risk of missing out a couple of important points including the following:

  • Listening to verbal explanations of course content is critical in helping you understand better

  • If you do not attend class, the opportunity to ask your questions and clarify your doubts is lost

  • If you do not attend class, you will lose the opportunity to listen to other students' questions and the answers and explanations given by the teacher

  • You could miss out important announcements which are invariably made in class only

  • You also miss out opportunities to earn extra credits as most professors like to use credits as a form of reward to students who attend class diligently

Moreover, many times, the small yet important differences between grades such as B+ and A- are fairly subjective. If you are a student who misses classes regularly, you are sending out a negative signal to your professor that reflects disregard or disrespect towards him or her and the subject. Then, why would he or she have the keenness to award you an A- instead of a B+?

Organize your time, organize your work area, and organize your things – Clutter of any sort is a huge inhibitor of efficiency and productivity. You have to organize yourself and set things in an orderly manner in all aspects of your life.

To organize your time, make timetables for your everyday activity. Divide your time (other than class) into slots of 45 minutes to one hour. Fit one or two tasks within each slot. Do this for every day of the week. Make sure you include your socializing and partying time here as well. This way you will be able to balance work and play and also ensure that you keep your play time regulated.

Now look at your workspace. Arrange your books, folders, papers, etc neatly in such a way that it is easy to find the things you are looking for. Labeling your books and arranging them in a way that makes it clearly visible to you will help you. Keep all your stationery at one place.

Next, look at the data in your computer. Arrange them too in the same way as you would arrange your hard copies. Name the files and folders appropriately for easy retrieval.

Break large assignments into smaller manageable tasks and include one or two tasks in your daily schedule.

Do a regular review of what you have studied – Many times, students get so caught up with sticking to their daily routine, they forget to see if their study pattern is yielding desired results. About once a week, review your study by giving yourself practice tests and exercises.

Mark the papers and check in which sections you are doing well and in which sections you are underperforming. Focus more on the latter to bring it up to the required mark. Additionally, as you progress in your study, go back to the older notes and review them to see of you can remember what you have learned.

Make friends with those classmates who are academically good – Nerds! Isn't this the term most of you use for people who focus more than you on academics and do exceptionally well in exams, tests, and assignments?

Well, if you are on academic probation, you might desperately need the help of such "nerdy" friends. Befriend such students and take their help to improve your grades.

They will give you working tips and ideas on how to study smart and within a short period. They will be able to give you tips on how to improve your memory skills, how to write better and more.

If they are academically brilliant, then it means these students have mastered these arts. And it makes sense to make friends with such people so they will share their knowledge and expertise.

Put off all partying activities till your GPA gets better – Partying and socializing more than you should have could be one of the primary reasons for being on academic probation. To come through this difficult phase unscathed, it is important that, at least temporarily, give up partying and socializing. Use the time saved from such activities towards studying more, doing your assignments more diligently, reading more, and getting good 7-8 hours of sleep every night without fail.

Study in the library as much as you can – Dorm rooms are not really conducive to study. There are lots of distractions in the form of friends, roommates, and visitors. It is best to leverage the solitude and quiet of your college library to study. And, in a library, you will have access to more reading and learning resources too.

In fact, once you get into the habit of using the library for studying, the sight of the building itself will switch your mind into the learning mode!

Final Notes

Bad GPAs are definitely a cause for concern for any student. And, additionally, if you are placed on academic probation, that concern multiplies even more.

However, getting out of this difficult situation is not impossible; it is a manageable and achievable possibility. All it needs is your resolve and desire to do better and improve your grades.

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