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How To Get Away With Not Doing Homework

How To Get Away With Not Doing Homework

If you find it challenging to get your homework done, you are not alone. Most students every once in a while find themselves in this predicament. Sometimes you may even fail to tackle the assignments entirely. Maybe you were tired after the day's classes, or you had a game in the evening or ended up spending more time on an outing with your friends than you had initially expected. There are a number of things that can cause you to fail to do your homework, some serious and understandable, others just avoidable circumstances.

What matters though, is that you have been unable to complete your homework in time and now you are faced with a tough situation. Doing homework is generally not fun in most cases it is more of a requirement than a preference. Every now or then, a student will avoid doing the homework assignments with the hope they get away with it. Some students are successful while others end up having to deal with the consequences. Get to know how to get away with not doing homework. Learn how to make it seem like you attempted to do your assignment but unavoidable circumstances got in the way.

Advice on how to get away with not doing homework

Make it seem like you attempted to do the work

Yes, you heard that right. It will still require some effort but it can be an effective trick to help get your teacher or guardian off your back. Something is better than nothing regardless of how terrible it might be. If your teacher checks homework by going round the class you can further distract him or her with a question or two.

Know your teacher

It is good to get to know your teacher before you make any choices regarding your homework. Some teachers are strict with assignments and getting on their good side can come quite handy should you fail to attend to your homework. You can achieve this by participating more in class and even laughing at the jokes he or she makes. Generally being a good student will greatly advance your cause.

Put the blame on family troubles

Family troubles are unfortunate and greatly affect the performance and focus of students in school. We all know this, your teachers know this. So blame it on a family problem. It is probably not an advisable cause of action but lacking no other options, it can help spare you a whole lot of stress. For instance, if your parents are divorced that can be a believable basis of your excuse.

You can also tell your teacher that your parents had to rush somewhere all of a sudden leaving with the task of babysitting your younger siblings. Family events and other related occasions can also help get you off the hook.

Tell the teacher you lost your homework

You can pretend that you lost your homework. But be smart and use this excuse only for the kind of assignments that fit in. Avoid telling your teacher that you forgot the homework at home because they might decide to follow up. Or say you were absent from class when the assignment was issued. Put on and your teacher might just believe you.

Blame it on your workload

There is only one of you. And with all the classes and conflicting assignment and homework submission dates, your teachers know sometimes it can be hard to meet a deadline. Use that as your excuse and if possible buy yourself some more time to get the work done. Sometimes the teacher might just forget all about the assignment and move on with the class work. But be careful when using this excuse. If your teacher tends to follow up, he might get a hold of your class schedule.

Alternatively, you can blame it on extracurricular activities such your sports championships and symposiums. Trust me, this is better than having to look your teacher in the face and telling him or her that you had a lot of homework and as a result, chose to prioritize another teacher's work.

Play the victim of circumstances

There are a lot of factors that can make a student fail to tackle his or her assignment. You can indulge in after class escapades and forget you had an assignment in the first place. But again be careful before you use this excuse. It has been overused to the extend it now just comes off as being rude. But with the numerous things that some students have to attend to, teachers will always know it is a possibility to forget about your homework. And above all, it more respectable than letting your teacher assume you knew about the homework and just decided to relax and not to do it.

If you are using your PC to do the homework, this can be another valid excuse. Computers break down all the time and files can get corrupted. Not your fault, right? You teacher knows that too. As a result, you can buy yourself more time to work on your assignment.

Be honest

Some teachers value a simple and honest reason. Just tell your teacher the real reason you didn't manage to do the homework but in so doing be ready to face the consequences should it backfire. However, if you at least do some homework on your teacher, you will be able to know if he or she is forgiving.

Know the consequences

Go through your school policy and get to know the consequences of not submitting your homework in time. This way you will know and gauge the risks involved before taking making any rash decisions. Understand different teachers will deal with these instances differently. Again, your teacher could be factoring the homework in your grades and it is therefore important to know the facts.

Homework is an important learning tool and it does have its benefits to your studies. It is also a great way of augmenting what you learn in class. If the assignment is hard to understand you can always consult your teacher or an academic center. Forming study groups with your fellow students can also be effective should you find yourself in such an impasse. Here at Prescott Papers we can be that study companion you need.

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