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I Didn't Do My Homework

I Didn't Do My Homework

Homework is an essential part of studying, from the elementary school to college. Being a student, I know you have done your fair share of homework so far. But sometimes, you may fail to do your homework. It may fail to be your fault as we all know life sometimes gets in the way of things. Assuming you are in such a predicament right now, there are a number of methods you can use to avoid the repercussions. These range from simple, honest explanations to deceptive excuses. While being deceptive may not be an ideal course of action, it can help buy you some more time to finish your homework.

Be creative with your excuse

There are a lot of excuses you can give your teacher. But it is important you try to make your excuse as believable as it can possibly be. Avoid using the common excuses that your classmates use. Teachers are smart individuals, and they can tell when something is nothing more than just a pile of lies. Remember they have been with a large number of students before. It is, therefore, important to ensure that not only are you believable but also that you have the evidence to back up your claims. Even the most ridiculous of excuses, when well put and backed up with the right evidence, can convince the teacher to give you some more time.

Your choice of words will also go a long way in ensuring that you achieve your objective. Instead of telling your teacher you didn't do your assignment because of this and that, base your excuse on why you didn't finish your homework. At the same time, as part of your explanation, ask for some more time to tackle your assignment. This way your teacher will notice that you are not only just trying to get out of doing your homework, and you may get yourself some extra time to work on your homework.

Another way to go about it is by submitting the wrong work. If the assignment date is due and you are yet to finalize your work, this can work in your favor. Sometimes the teacher gets around to reviewing the homework a couple days after submission and by then you can have your assignment ready. If you are submitting your work via email or online, apart from submitting the wrong file, you can send a corrupted document. However be aware your teacher might start going through the work early and should you fail to have the completed work then, this can be laid bare for what it is.

Another classic way to get out of trouble is by making it seem like you attempted the homework. You can scribble something especially if your teacher is checking the homework by going round the class. However, use this strategy for the more casual homework which is unlikely to impact your grade should your teacher decide to mark the work.

Choose an undisputable excuse

One excuse that your teacher cannot dispute is the ability of sicknesses to affect productivity. Even a small cold can cause lack of concentration causing you to struggle with your assignment. Everybody knows this, and although using illnesses as an excuse is an old and overused method, it does work. However, it is probably wise to first know the character of your teacher. Some teachers may not sympathize with you and might instead treat as a no good reason.

If there is any sort of family event or sports event you attended over the short period of your homework, that may just be about all you need to get off the hook. You will most likely need your parent or coach to back you up and getting on their good side early in advance can help your cause.

Be honest

Remember that your teachers are humans too. They do get busy too, and some fail to meet their own set objectives. So taking the high road and being honest with your teacher can be a sage choice of action. However, this will most likely work if you are not a repeat culprit. All in all, be prepared for any cause of action that your teachers may decide to take.

In telling the truth, you will need to accept the responsibilities and avoid laying the blame on someone or something else. Doing this coupled with a sincere apology can help prevent angering your teacher and even though you may still get into trouble, your integrity will be enhanced.

Ideally, the best choice of action is to do your homework and avoid these scenarios. If you are caught deceiving your teacher, you may have your parents called to the school. Then you would have to deal with your parents. Again, depending on your school's grading system, your homework may be contributing to your final scores. As a result, not only will not doing your homework present you will the risk of having to face the wrath of your teacher, but it can lower your grades. Here at Prescott Papers, through our homework help services, we assist students in completing their homework. Sometimes the reason students fail to finalize their homework in time is due to the failure to understand what is required of them. Although getting academic help from friends or the school's academic centers may be a good cause of action, it may not be viable for all students. By contacting us here at Prescott, we can be that academic help you need. We will assign you a qualified tutor to go through your homework with you, ensuring an easy time navigating your assignments. Our writers can also draw up a reference guide that you can use instead. If the writer completes the homework, it should only be used as a guide for doing your own work.

You can send copies of your notes and class handouts, and give the name of the textbook when you place an order for tutoring services. Then, one of our writers will write up study guides for you to use.

Other benefits of using our homework help service include:

  • 100% confidentiality

Your information and use of our services are kept completely confidential.

  • Professional writers

Our writers are former professors, teachers and graduate students. Furthermore, the writer we assign to provide academic assistance to you will be an expert on the subject that you need help in.

  • Original content

The work that is done by our writers will be completely original. There will be no plagiarized content.

  • Rush orders

Overnight and same-day orders are available.

Even though it may be tempting to conjure up captivating reasons to be excused from doing your homework, getting our services to speed things up may be a more sage decision. You will work fast, freeing up your time and at the same time gaining the benefits of an excellently done assignment.

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