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Is Homework Helpful or Harmful?

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Most students feel that they have too much homework. It is the bane of their existence. It takes time away from their social life. Actually, many people have this debate: Is homework helpful or harmful? In this article, I’ll go over both sides of the issue.

Why Homework is Helpful

Homework is helpful when it builds on what was learned during the lecture and/or the textbook. It gives students another way of studying the information. Here is a list of reasons why homework is helpful to students:

  1. It allows students to practice and master concepts and skills. For example, trigonometry homework done by a student allows that student to master basic and advanced trigonometry concepts. Another example is when a student has to answer some questions about a reading for their Civil War history class. This task helps them further understand what was going on during that time period. It also helps them retain the information they learn from the reading, information that may be on an exam.

  2. It teaches students valuable life skills that will be useful in their careers, such as time management and self-discipline. This is especially true in college because no one is going to hold a student’s hand and make sure they do their homework. Plus, if you are taking a full load of classes, learning time management is a great way to ensure you can get all your homework done.

For instance, let’s say there is a former student whose name is Kathy. She has been working at a corporation as an accountant for about a year. She graduated from college a year ago. Because she was diligent during her college years about completing her homework without having to be told to do so, she has valuable self-discipline skills. She is able to motivate herself to do the work and her boss appreciates it. On top of that, she also gained excelled time management skills.

  1. It allows students to practice the research and writing skills that they will need on larger assignments such as term papers and research papers. For example, a student may have to write a short essay on an assigned reading. This type of homework assignment allows them to practice their writing skills and improve their written communication. It also helps them see the common errors that they make in their writing

  2. It reinforces good study habits. Students learn to do homework without having the TV or radio on. By being able to concentrate on homework without any distractions, a student can also retain the information.

  3. It aids in the memorization of material due to repetition. When a student goes over the same concepts over and over again, they memorize the information through repetition. For example, a student may have to do several homework assignments that go over the same type of calculus formula. If the student does each homework assignment thoroughly, they’ll be able to fully learn that particular calculus formula.

  4. It allows students to further understand what they learn in class. There is not enough time during a lecture for a professor to go over everything about a subject. The homework that is given is designed to give students further information and understanding. In addition, professors structure their homework assignments so that the information that is emphasized on homework is almost always on an exam as well.

Why Homework is Harmful

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Not all homework is harmful. As mentioned above, it can be helpful. However, what matters is the amount of homework that is given. A large amount of homework takes up too much of a student’s time. Here is a list of reasons why a large amount of homework can also be harmful:

  1. Adverse Effect on Health

People need mental breaks on a regular basis, particularly when they are in college. If college students don’t get the time to relax and participate in extracurricular activities, their stress levels can escalate significantly. High stress can lead to physical health problems, such as high blood pressure, headaches, sleep loss, exhaustion, weight loss and stomach problems. This can cause a student to spend less time studying for their exams and more time in bed because they are feeling sick. In turn, that will cause the student to get bad grades on their exams. Their grade point average will suffer as a result. Too much homework is most likely to be the cause of a student staying up too late at night. This further exacerbates their health problems.

For instance, there is a student named Paul who is a Chemistry major. He has about five hours of homework every day, due to taking a full load of classes. As a result, he suffers from constant headaches and sleep deprivation due to not having time for relaxation. Eventually, his grades start to suffer. At the end of the semester, his grade point average is lower.

  1. It Takes Time Away from Socializing

Too much homework also takes away from valuable social time. College is the last time in a person’s life when it will be easy to make friends. There are clubs that students can join, sororities and fraternities that provide camaraderie, intramural and varsity sports, volunteer opportunities, and the opportunity to meet and hang out with people at bars and sporting events. If a student has to spend all of their time at college doing homework and studying, they won’t get to socialize and make friends.

For example, Steven, a student at a local university who is a computer science major, takes a full course load. Each night, he has about six hours of homework and studying to do. As a result, he has little time to spend with his friends and he’s getting stressed.

Socializing helps a person learn critical life skills, such as interpersonal communication skills, teamwork skills, and relationship skills. Learning to interact with people effectively helps a person when they are starting a career after college as well. The bottom line is, college is the best time to practice and work on these skills. Not to mention, humans need socialization to stay healthy.

  1. It Can Take Time Away from Family

There are many students taking classes in college who already have families, either because they went to college later in life, or they started their family at a young age. For those college students that have young children, too much homework can mean less time spent with those children. It can take time away from the other family obligations that they need to fulfill, such as taking their children to doctor appointments or watching their children at a soccer game.

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