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Should Homework be Banned?

Ban All of the Homework!

There are people who feel that homework is unnecessary and should be banned. There are also other people who feel that homework is a good way to practice what you need to know so that you can get better grades on exams. In other words, they do not think homework should be banned. In this article, we’ll look at the following three questions:

  1. Should homework be banned?

  2. Should homework be outlawed?

  3. Should homework be illegal?

Should Homework Be Banned?

The following list are reasons why some college students think homework should be banned:

  1. It takes too much time, usually because the homework is either very complex, or the professor assigns a lot all at once. Students spend more time each day doing homework and less time on fun activities such as going out with their friends to a college football game or to the bar.

  2. Because homework takes so much time away from relaxing activities, students get more stressed. If their stress level is significant, it can lead to physical health problems such as sleep deprivation, headaches and stomach issues. By banning homework altogether, students will be less stressed. They’ll be healthier and able to focus in class.

  3. If homework is banned, students will be able to devote the time that they would’ve been spending doing homework to actual studying.

  4. Some college students already have families. In fact, there are a number of college students with small children. When those students have to do homework, they have less time to spend with their children. They have a hard time juggling homework requirements with their family obligations.

There are people who don’t agree with the above statements and, instead, state that homework should not be banned. The reasons are:

  1. Even with homework, a student can still make time for relaxation. All they have to do is learn to manage their time. For example, let’s say there’s a student who has a ton of homework to do over the weekend. Then, they hear that their friends want to go see a movie on Saturday night. The student can just work on his homework during the day on Saturday. Then, they can join their friends that night at the cinema.

  2. The main reason why homework can lead to higher amounts of stress and lack of sleep is because students wait until the last minute to do it. They end up having to stay up all night finishing assignments that are due the next day. Homework should not be banned simply because some students have a bad habit of procrastination.

  3. By staying on top of homework instead of procrastinating on it, students should still be able to find time for studying.

  4. Yes, some college students are parents to small children. But those students were the ones who decided to go to college in the first place. If they feel that homework should be banned because it takes time away from their family, then they should cut back on the number of classes they take per semester. Sometimes the best option for parents with young children is to either put off going to school until the children are older or enroll in a flexible degree program.

Should Homework Be Outlawed and Illegal?

Homework Meme - Homework Ban

There is no reason whatsoever for homework to be outlawed. It is not a dangerous and criminal activity. Also, homework is not illegal, and it never will be illegal.

Do adjustments need to be made to the homework process, especially in elementary and secondary school? Yes. But giving students homework each day that they have to work on instead of relaxing is legal. Even college students can do with less homework, particularly homework that does not add anything to what was discussed in class or is in the assigned reading. But that doesn’t make it illegal.

Instead of debating about whether homework should be banned, outlawed and made illegal, students should just focus on learning to do their homework in a timely manner. They should just learn to manage their time so they can do their homework and still be able to hang out with their friends.

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