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How Long Does It Take To Write 100 Pages?

How Long Does It Take To Write 100 Pages?

The amount of time you will require to write 100 pages will depend on a number of things. This may not be the most satisfactory answer, but it is the most realistic. There are a number of factors you need to put into consideration before making a time estimate. They range from your speed of writing to the complexity of your content.

For the average writer, it takes a minute to write 50 words. The faster you can write, the shorter you will take to finish your article. Apart from your speed, the amount of hours you take per day need to be taken into account too. If you are writing full time and not juggling classes, this can help shorten the time you write. Again, there is a limit to the number of hours that a person can work per day. Therefore, factoring in both your writing speed and the time available per day can give you a more accurate answer.

Some writings require a background research either before, or over the course of writing. You therefore need to first decide on the desired quality of your work and not just simply the amount of time taken to produce the work. It is possible to write the work in a very short time but that wouldn't be ideal if the end product is compromised in terms of quality and appeal. Because of this, writers take this two aspects of writing in equal measure before planning their time. Writing a college project will require extensive research and hence a lot more time compared to, let say, a story book. Again writing a fiction novel set in a past century will require you to set aside enough time to get the facts right.

Another important aspect that needs to be considered is proofreading and editing. After you are done with your draft, you will need to have enough time to go through your work and iron out mistakes such as grammar and spelling. Again this will enable you to spot contextual errors which are common in hurriedly written texts.

A page contains roughly 500 words, making it a total 50000 words in the 100 pages. This is in a typical page with the standard spacing and typed in a 12-point font. In the case of assignments, most colleges require students to use double spacing when formatting their documents. This reduces the total word count in a page by half to around 250 words. Consequently, the total number of words is lowered to 25000 words.

This is the best approach in planning your time. Should there be a deadline in submitting the final manuscripts or rather documents, this will help you finish you work in time. To work faster, you can ask your friends or family to proofread the work for you. However, in cases where a professional proofreader may be required, hiring such an editor may be the best cause of action. Here at Prescott Papers we have qualified proofreaders and editors experienced in all writing styles and formats.

We will assign you a proofreader who will work with you over the course of your project allowing you to economize on your time. Through our premium writers and scholars we also provide writing services on different types of projects. Contact us, and we will help you produce appealing and quality content in a reasonable amount of time.

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The work that is done by our writer will also be completely original. There will be no plagiarized content.

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