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How Many Pages Is A 500 Word Essay

How Many Pages Is a 500 Word Essay

Writing essays is one of the most challenging tasks students go through in college. Not only do you have to research on most of the essay topics, but also have to navigate difficulties such as a word count limit. Instructors also can limit the length of writings by specifying the number of pages you have to write.

Now to answer the above question, the number of pages in a 500 words essay can vary. However, the exact number of pages in any writing depends primarily on four factors;

Font type

The type of font you decide to use will go a long way in determining the length of your document. In academic writings, the most common font is the Times New Roman. Other recommended fonts to students are Arial, Calibri, and Verdana.

Below is a comparison between the Times New Roman font and Verdana. Notice the difference in the number of lines the change in font type brings. An essay written using Verdana will thus take more pages than an essay written in Times New Roman.

Prescott Papers provides professional-quality custom academic writing, editing and revision, and academic assistance. No matter the project, deadline, and subject, an elite writer is available to assist you with your project.

Prescott Papers provides professional-quality custom academic writing, editing and revision, and academic assistance. No matter the project, deadline, and subject, an elite writer is available to assist you with your project.

Font size

This is another factor that affects the page count of your essay. Quite logically, the bigger the font, the higher the number of pages. In most class essays, instructors prefer a 12 point font. But if the assignment is to be submitted in let's say, a 10-point font, the essay is going to take even less than a page.


In word documents, there are different types of spacing that you can apply. These include word spacing, letter spacing and line (sentence) spacing. The bigger the spacing, the bigger your document will be. However, in most cases, tutors issue instructions on the required spacing. In a single spaced document, a 500 word essay takes a single page while a double spaced document takes 2 pages and this is when using the standard 12-point Times New Roman.


Margins can be used to decrease the size of a page and subsequently the number of words in the page. A typical page has a 1-inch margin and most academic writings abide by this. To fit more words in a single page, you can start by decreasing the indent and if it's at its lowest, you can then opt to reduce the margins.

Nowadays, most essays are assigned in terms of word counts. To fit an essay in the number of pages required, you will therefore need to utilize the above highlighted factors. In so doing, a 500 word essay will thus be of any size you desire. However, in applying your desired format, ensure you don't compromise the readability of your document. Even though using a font of 36 will enable you to easily meet the required number of pages in a document, it isn't the most ideal course of action. Again, making your words tight to fit a bigger word count in a page is not advisable.

When your instructor gives an essay in terms of pages, it is wise to ask for a word estimate. This way you can suitably work on your text and freely apply the most suitable topography to make your document as appealing as possible.

Statistically, a page contains approximately 530 words when using a 12-point font and 700 words when using a 10 point font. The number of lines is approximately 45 and 55 respectively.

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