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How Many Paragraphs Is 500 Words

How Many Paragraphs Is 500 Words

In college, 500 words essays are becoming quite the norm as far as writing is concerned. Coming up with essay content can in itself be challenging to students but nailing the structure of an essay is the ultimate challenge. The type of essay you are writing governs the format of your essay and hence the number of paragraphs.

Normally, a 500 word essay will be composed of 5 paragraphs. The five paragraphs include an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. Expository and reflective essays on the other hand can contain as more than five paragraphs depending on the context.

Paragraphs in a 500 word essay

A typical 500 word essay contains the following paragraphs.


The introduction is the first paragraph in an essay. The paragraph shines a light on the rest of the essay and aims at captivating the interest of the reader. The paragraph is therefore essential to a successful essay and you should look to include it in all essays, regardless of the word count. This paragraph also includes the thesis statement. To grab the attention of the reader you can use a rhetorical question, state an interesting fact or use an anecdote. A conclusive first paragraph introduces the content without offering too much details. The last sentence should link with the first sentence of the next paragraph to allow for a smooth transition through the essay. This serves to prevent the reader from disconnecting and hence keeps him/her engaged.

The main text (Body)

In this type of essay, out of the 5 paragraphs, 3 make up the body. The first sentence should pick up from the last sentence of the introductory paragraph and transition to the main ideas of the essay. The first of these three paragraphs should contain the strongest point. The initial sentences are used to introduce this point with the subsequent paragraphs being used to support it. The final sentences offer a conclusive statement to the point and evidence outlined and also serve as a transitional hook to the next paragraph.

There are varied schools of thought when it comes to writing the second paragraph. One argument is that the second paragraph should contain the weakest point to allow it to be strategically placed between two points. This way the reader will be bombarded with a stronger point before moving on to the conclusion. The alternative approach is to write the second strongest point in the second paragraph and the weekend point in the final paragraph.

The second body paragraph and the third overall regardless of the approach you decide to use should be rhythmical with the first body and second overall paragraph. Here again you should offer enough evidence to support your claim. Before moving to the final body paragraph, include a closing statement to allow for a smooth transition to the next chapter.

The third and final body chapter should again start by picking up the transitional hook laid by the concluding statement of the previous chapter. Most commonly, the chapter includes the weakest point. However, students make a grave mistake by treating the chapter as a third wheel. Avoid focusing on the two other chapters at the cost of this chapter. Even though the point you are making might be minor, it is still a part of the essay. Offer sufficient evidence and be conclusive. Do not leave your audience hanging. The last body paragraph offers a closing statement allowing for a smooth transition to the final paragraph of your essay.


This paragraph should be brief, probably around 50 words. It should offer the summary of your essay. It should be well organized since it is the last impression you leave the reader with. Do not include any new points but rather reaffirm earlier points demonstrating to the reader how you have proven your arguments.

Apart from the organization of your material, generally, the development of your topic plays a key role in determining the number of paragraphs. In a different kind of essay, let's say, for instance a comparison and contract kind of writing, the number of paragraphs will be less (four to be exact). It will include an introduction, the comparison, the contrast and a conclusion.

The number of paragraphs is not entirely depended on the total word count of your essay. Basically it will be guided by the kind of approach the essay topic prompts you to use. However, this is not to say that the word count should be disregarded. A longer essay will naturally necessitate a higher number of paragraphs.

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