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Essay Writing Service Price

Essay Writing Service Price

Price and quality go hand in hand and are directly proportional to each other. You will not find a service provider giving you undeniable quality for "cheap" prices. Yet, a good balance between quality and price is critical to ensure that you get your writing services at affordable rates.

This article is aimed at giving you details of the features that a good writing service provider should have. After you have checked for these characteristics to distinguish between a good, bad, and an average service provider, you can compare essay writing service prices and take an objective call about which service provider to go with.

Features of a good writing service provider

A Professional Writing Team – Your service provider must have a full-fledged professional writing team at their disposal. It would be quite naïve to hand over your work to an unprofessional organization which does not know how to provide the required services in a professional way.

The experience and educational level of the writers are also very important. If the writers lack credentials, they may not be able to produce the best essay for you. If the company is reputed, you can be assured that they will hire the best writers to produce work for their clients.

The best writers do not come cheap and their charges are relatively high which will be factored into the essay writing service price. Yet, the quality and credentials of writers in a writing service firm is an excellent indicator of their trustworthiness.

They have an attitude to do deep research – Without doing sufficiently deep research, no great writer will be able to create an essay that stands out. As you delve deeper into your research, newer and more radical perspectives about the topic under question will emerge. This kind of data can be used in myriad different ways resulting in an essay that is not just great but also very unique. The absence of deep research will be known very easily by your highly skilled instructors and your grades will take an unpleasant plunge in the downward direction.

High quality work – Actually, this aspect is more or less taken care of if you have checked and verified the previous two aspects of the service provider. Yet, reviews from other students, samples and other such avenues will help you gauge the quality of work that the provider offers. An undisputed confirmation of quality comes when you read two samples from two different providers (perhaps the top two that you have chosen) and there is no doubt in your mind about which work has better quality than the other.

Delivery as promised and on time – You must get an absolute guarantee from the firm that the work will be delivered on time. There is no value in a wonderfully articulated essay that speaks eloquently in all respects if you cannot hand it over to your instructor on or before the deadline. In most institutions, late submissions are not even looked at leave alone being graded. So, quality along with timely deliverance is a very critical component to keep in mind when you are looking for writing service providers.

Content should be completely free from plagiarism – As you may already be aware that plagiarized content is not merely frowned down upon but also heavily penalized by most institutions. Therefore, it should be absolutely certain that the service provider you choose is capable of delivering plagiarism-free content.

At this point, it might be sensible to remind you of potential consequences and penalties for plagiarism. So, here goes:

Loss of work submitted – This is, perhaps, the most lenient form of penalty imposed for plagiarism. Your teacher will definitely return your work to you and order you to redo the entire thing again. This is usually reserved for very small or ignorant offenses and first-time offenders, both conditions to be satisfied normally.

Loss of accumulated credits – This is a more severe penalty than the above as it means you would have to redo the entire work of the semester to regain your lost credits. Resetting your credits to zero can have quite a long-term unpleasant effect as it entails repetition of work and the pressure of submitting everything in a very short time. This is usually imposed on more severe and deliberate forms of plagiarism.

Suspension – This is serious business. It entails loss of college days or maybe an entire semester. This form of penalty also includes making a notation on your transcript giving details of the duration when you were suspended along with reasons. This effect will invariably follow you throughout your life.

Expulsion – This is the worst form. You will be expelled and your transcript will clearly carry the reason for your expulsion making it almost certain that no other institution will want to give you admission.

Consequently, it makes very prudent sense to ensure that the service provider you choose to go with is undoubtedly clear of never dealing with plagiarized content. In fact, reputed writing service providers will also forward you plagiarism reports along with your completed work. Additionally, your work should be customized and original and should not be given to any other client in the future as well.

Other value-added services that established writing service providers offer

Opportunity to interact with the writers directly – This is a fabulous service as you can directly gauge the quality and experience of the person who is going to do your work for you. Of course, certificates help in documenting the qualification, expertise, and experience.

Yet, the power of personal interaction to help you understand your writer cannot be undermined. Giving him or her instructions and getting clarifications will become very easy if you can talk to your writer. If you cannot talk to your writer at the beginning of the contract, it is highly unlikely that you will get a favorable response later on. So, it does make sense to make that conversation at the start itself.

Undoubtedly, this service will come at a cost and will be usually added to the essay writing service price.

Free bonuses – The companies that are really low-cost will never offer anything free. Every aspect and element of the work will usually come at a charge. The reputable and established ones do manage to give you some free bonuses such as a free title page, a free reference page, free delivery of hard copy at a pre-designated address, and more. Yes, in some ways, these costs do get factored into the price. Yet, you are free from the task of having to haggle for every small element of your work.

Excellent customer support – Writing service providers who do not offer excellent customer support are to be avoided as much as possible. Instructions could change. For anything whatsoever, if you want to contact your service provider, you must have access to their customer support in some form or the other. Most of the established providers will have online chat facility round the clock.

Final Notes

After you have chosen a few top companies based on your own research and/or recommendations from friends (who are happy customers), you must check for the above-mentioned points for each one of them.

The value-added services might still be compromised. But, the ones listed prior to that should not be compromised. Once you are convinced of the list you have made, contact each one of them and wait for your response.

Many times, the way a company responds to your initial query could help you decide whether you want to go with it or not. Make sure you get all your doubts clarified. Even if you have done your research and are more or less certain about the various features of the writing service provider, do not hesitate to ask them the same details again during your initial interaction.

It is better to be extra comforted than to be under-comforted in this respect. So, ask and get all doubts clarified from the company's representative. After you have finally decided on your service provider, try and get answers for your doubts in writing so that there is absolutely no room for ambiguity and/or misunderstanding later on.

At Prescott Papers, our experienced and qualified team of writing professionals meets all the above criteria. They would love to help you with all your academic writing work at affordable rates. Feel free to contact us for your custom essays, assignments, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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