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How much you pay for an essay? Why should you pay for an essay? These questions and more keep coming up in the mind of college students as they struggle through their college life. In high school, you might have been an academic star. Your ability to write essays the way your high school teacher wanted it would have been top-notch.

You come to college thinking that the task of writing essays is going to be a breeze because you were so good at it during high school. You write the first and submit it very confident that you have done a great job and expect a high grade for it. When you receive the corrected essay, you are shocked to see an average grade.

Now, you sit down to contemplate on why this happened and you realize that are huge differences between essays expected in high school and essays expected in college.

College essays Vs High School Essays

Argument is a key element in college essays – In high school, you wrote essays in a way that showed your teacher how well you understood the topic. High school essays usually are a rehashing of the topic that has been taught to you and can be compared to a simple book report. College essays, on the other hand, require you to illustrate your critical thinking abilities. College professors check to see if you can make critical judgments of what you have read. Hence, your argument or the 'thesis statement' should be clearly stated in your introduction paragraph.

Supporting evidence has to be presented in the essay – The main body of the essay should now consist of 3-4 paragraphs of supporting evidence, with each paragraph dedicated to one point of supporting evidence. Including the evidence in such a way that is logical and methodical is a critical element in college essays. Your high school usually would not have had this requirement.

Your college essay must include your limitations – Your college professors expect you to include limitations of your essay. For example, they want questions such as "Have you thought about…" or "But what about…" These questions reflect that fact that you are aware of limitations in your essay paving the way open for counter-arguments. College essays should leave ample room for this kind of debate to be initiated.

If you see, college essays call for plenty of preparatory work in terms of researching for information, making notes as you go so that citations are accurate, and more. Writing essays in college is far more demanding than writing essays in high school. Here are some more tips on how to improve your essay writing skills.

Why do students pay for an essay?

There are several benefits of hiring a writer and getting them to do your essay for you. Here are some of the advantages.

Once you have given your essay writing job to professional writer, your time gets freed up which you can use to do some other activities that can be done only by you such as preparing for an upcoming test, etc

While the actual writing of the essay itself takes up a lot of time, the research work takes up even more time. When you choose to pay for an essay and get it done by professionals, the research time is also saved leaving you free to do other activities.

The final product will be a professionally done essay that you will be happy with and the chances of getting good grades improve automatically. This is because the writers of professional writing agencies are experts in their respective domains and have a lot of experience in writing essays and other academic assignments.

When you choose to pay for an essay, it gets delivered by email and there is no need to run helter-skelter to pick it up, etc. It is a very easy process to buy an essay online. You simply need to leave instructions about what you need, make the payment, and wait for the essay to arrive.

You can also get free revisions done. When the essay is emailed to you and you find some things you want to be changed, you can always go back and ask for these revisions. A good and established writing agency will usually offer revisions if requested for within a stipulated time. This makes sense because you cannot come back for revisions of essays that were done and sent to you months ago.

You can rest assured about the flow of content in your essay, about the unique of the thesis statement, about accuracies and consistencies in formatting and citations, etc as all these elements and more will be taken care of by the writing agency you have chosen to pay for an essay.

Once you have got that perfect essay, you can save it and use it as a form of template to base all your future essays on. A professionally written essay free from all types of errors can be very valuable. This sample will be of immense help to you as you gain confidence and begin to write essays on your own.

Once you have got one excellent essay and are satisfied with the services offered by the writing agency, you have their information on record to go back for any kind of help in the future as well. Since you have already had a good experience with them, you will not need to redo the researching and investigate work that should be done before choosing a professional writing agency.

There is one particular instance wherein most of the students I know choose to pay for an essay instead of doing it on their own. When a student has to write an essay on a subject he or she does not like (commonly seen among general education courses), they pass on this responsibility to a reputed agency and save time and energy to focus on their core subjects.

While many of the above-cited reasons are used by students to pay for an essay, the two most critical reasons include the following:

They do not want to get overwhelmed by the huge amount of work in college. There is so much to do and so little time that this situation can lead to undue stress and pressures. To avoid this kind of difficult situations, students choose to get some of their essays written by professional agencies.

They get more time to address other life problems including managing a part-time job (college education does not come cheap) or manage a family or an important extra-curricular activity that promises to add value to their transcript. These students find some amount of relief by handing over some of the writing work to professional agencies.

Final Notes

There is nothing to feel bad about taking help when you need. In fact, asking for help is a sign of strength and reflects your attitude to accept your weaknesses with humility. At Prescott Papers, we offer a range of essay writing services.

Our teams of writers and editors are highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced in the realm of academic writing. Pass on some of your essay writing work to us so that you can use the freed up time to do other work that we cannot do for you.

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