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How To Pass A Class Without Doing Anything

How to Pass a Class without Doing Anything

This is a common query among students. Every students wants to pass their classes and get the highest possible GPA. However, not all those students are willing to put in the hard work vital in securing such high grades. Although not the only way to achieve an "A" in your classes, time management and working hard plays a big part. There are also alternative strategies that can ensure you pass your classes without doing much.

Start by taking good notes in class. Make sure the notes are brief and as well written as possible. This will allow you to go through the notes with minimal effort afterwards. It's okay to write in short, unconnected sentences/phrases as that will allow you to capture all the necessary information using fewer words. Do not write most of the unnecessary information that tutors say in class. This will force you to spend hours on end during revision as the exams near. Aim to organize your notes and use a readable format. Number the points as this will allow you to go through them quickly without missing any important information. Also, organizing points from the most important to the least important is another good strategy to use. This will allow you to go through the most examinable information first.

Some of the assignments and homework issued in class factor in your final grade. In some college classes primary assignments can contribute up to 50% of the final grade and when not taken seriously, they can damage your grades. In writing the essay assignments it is important for you to know how to go about it. Not only will this save you a lot of time, but it will also ensure you don't drop marks unnecessarily. When well written, they will present the best chance to pass without having to do anything in class. To write a good essay you will need to know how to develop your arguments, outline supporting evidence and offer conclusive closing statements. Ensure you get the facts and information right to make your essay of the highest quality and appeal. Ensure also that the essay is original and offer a different thinking to that of your classmates. When grading the work, teachers are always receptive to new ideas and perspectives and this may make the teacher lenient when grading your paper.

Get involved in extra credit activities. There are many different activities that you can choose from and this can range from researching to participating in class symposiums. The list is endless and the kind of activity will depend on your teacher. Participate more in the activities that are related to the classes that you are struggling most in and apply yourself to bring that grade level with the rest of your scores.

Making a good impression in class can also work in your favor. If you are a good student, chances are that your teacher will grade your papers more favorably. The best moment to create such an impression is in the first classes. Avoid developing a bad reputation since it can prove hard for a teacher to shift a negative perception about a student. The best way to go about this is to ensure you participate in class. Every single teacher loves a lively class and consequently, lively students. Asking your teacher questions for clarification on the topics taught will cast you as a bright and committed student. Make sure the questions that you ask are good and relevant to what you are learning in class. Do not resort to raising ambiguous questions just for the sheer purpose of being heard. That compromises your intentions as far as the teacher is concerned.

Know the most ideal times to add your views to the class discussion. It is important that the additional information or insight you bring be to the aid of your teacher and avoid bringing up contradictory statements. Nobody likes having their inadequacies being highlighted and most teachers are not any different.

To maintain your good relationship with your teacher, avoid all those minor scenarios that can make you incur the teacher's wrath and hence spoil any good efforts you might have made. One of the student behaviors that irritate teachers the most is being late for class. More than that, the excuses that students give are nothing short of impalpable. Should you by any chance end up being late, being polite and offering a sincere apology can help get you on your teacher's good side.

Avoid being a distraction in class. Keep your phone switched off or in vibration and avoid attention drawing antics that can range from unadvisable dress code to unnecessary jokes during lessons. This is not say that you should be the complete teacher's pet, but being polite and respectful to your teacher may be all you need. Adopt a model behavior in and outside of class. Teachers have channels of finding more about a student's behavior. It would therefore be unwise to assume that your teacher will determine the kind of student you are simply by buying into the good show you put in class.

I know of course you have heard of the good old cramming. It is true that cramming isn't the most ideal study method. It is however the kind of study method that will improve your scores with minimal efforts. It has to be done close to an exam as most memorized materials do not stick around for long. Make use of mnemonics to improve your memorization. Students employ different tactics to improve the results of cramming from the use of analogies, imageries to abbreviations. Some even go to the extent of creating a rhythm or song to ensure they nail multiple terms such as the names of amino acids in a biology class. Get to know this methods and choose what works best for you.

Getting high grades without doing anything is easier when the test questions have multiple answers. This is because in most of these type of questions, two of the answers can be easily eliminated after a careful analysis of the question. Some answers are even contradictory while other are simply ridiculous. By observation, you alienate the irrelevant answers leaving you with a choice of two and even in some cases you can be left with only one answer. It is however vital to understand the context of the question first, otherwise you might end up eliminating the one right answer.

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