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How To Pass A College Drug Test

How to Pass a College Drug Test

Ideally, the question of how to pass a college drug test should never enter your head as using drugs are simply not allowed for college students. Drugs of all kinds including those that are legalized in some states are banned on college campuses and if you are caught using drugs, you can be in a lot of trouble.

While trying to peddle drugs to other students might lead to expulsion, using drugs could land you in an academic probation initially and if your behavior does not improve, you could face expulsion at the end of the probation period. So, for own good, avoid drugs and all kinds of banned substances.

Yet, there are ways that some students do manage to clear drug tests and this article gives you some myths and facts about these methods.

Fact and myths about drugs and drug testing

Using synthetic urine – Some students buy synthetic urine. This might work if the procedure is not done under supervision but if done under supervision, then the risk increases. Students use special appliances carefully concealed in their body and "pretend" the urination action and then hand over the synthetic urine as the sample for testing purposes.

There is a lot of procedures to be followed if this method is used as the temperature of the synthetic urine would have to be kept as close as possible to the human temperature. Some really "experienced" students make sure that they only buy the most quality product that is as a perfect match as the real one so that the sample does not get rejected or revealed at the testing lab.

Using someone else's urine – This also has many disadvantages as storing someone else's urine till you hand it over to the lab requires complex procedures. Moreover, the real sample is very unhygienic. Additionally, you will have to ensure that the person whose urine is being tested as yours thoroughly drug-free.

Drinking water – It is believed by many students that hydrating yourself with lots of water will remove the effect of the drug from the urine. But, experts know that this "flushing" system or an "internal dilution" process and does not really work. Moreover, drinking excessive water is extremely dangerous for you as it could create an electrolyte imbalance in your body which, in turn, could lead to other brain-related complications.

Also, labs test and rejected diluted samples. Many times, the test is considered failed and if there is a suspicion that the student tried tampering with the sample, then he or she could be subjected to more rigorous testing and thorough screening.

Adding water to the urine sample – This is referred to as "external dilution" process and does not work too. And most urine samples are collected in places where sinks are not made available. In fact, it is a federal law that there should not be any water source in the area where urine samples taken for drug testing. If there is a toilet tank filled with water for flushing, then this should be tinted so that students will not be able to use it to dilute the sample.

And, lastly, like the internal dilution process, this sample can also fail at most labs and if the student is suspected and/or found guilty of tampering, then he or she could be in a lot of trouble.

Adding adulterants – Many students add adulterants to the urine sample. These adulterants are supposed to cover up or mask the metabolites of the drugs. The fact is that some of the adulterants may work and some may not.

Also, some colleges run a strict drug-testing regimen and there could be tests to check for the presence of these adulterants. If found guilty of tampering with the urine sample, then the student could be suspended, placed on academic probation or even expelled from the college.

Final Notes

There are umpteen co-curricular activities in the realm of sports, arts, dance, drama, debate, elocution, etc in addition to studying and learning. Where is the time for drugs and alcohol? Please avoid them from the beginning itself so you would never have to worry about drug testing.

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