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How To Pass A College History Class

How to Pass a College History Class

History is an important subject as it helps understand change and how the current world came to be. However, due to the sheer amount of history worth studying, the class work and amount of reading can be quite bulky. As a result history classes tend to be long and students therefore view them as dull. However, the class can be quite interesting if you have the passion for history. Passion for a subject can be developed through increased interest. In so doing, a student will be willing to study and participate more in class and as a result pass the class.

There are a number of effective ways to build your interest in the subject. Some include;

  • Visiting museums and other sites of historical relevance. The sheer marvel of some of the historical artefacts is enough to spark interest in the subject.

  • Read texts documenting famous history. Most of the famous periods in the history of mankind are well documented and available in libraries across the country. This information can also be found on a number of websites online.

  • Watch historical films. There are a number of incredible movies and TV series that are quite enjoyable to watch. In so doing, you not only learn more about historical occurrences but also have a little bit of fun.

Since history can involve extensive reading, organizing your study sessions and work is vital. Do not just resort to going through your notes and the textbooks until you are tired. To effectively revise for and pass you exams, you will need to employ a number of study techniques.

  1. Have a study guide

Having a quality study guide will help you go through your work efficiently and in minimal time. Again, this will serve as a measure to ensure you do not, by any chance, miss important study areas. Work on your study guide as early as the first class.

  1. Create a good summary

Paraphrase all important facts to increase the ease of remembrance. As the exam nears, you will also have reduced content to go through. Ensure that your summary comprehensively captures the important historical figures or places learned in class.

  1. Form study groups

What's more fun than studying with your friends? Actually, a lot of things. But study groups are great in motivating students to study. By discussing history you will be able to present your arguments to others as well as listen to points of view of your classmates. Not only will this help facts and information to stick, but it will also help you in the presentation of your essays.

It is important to start preparing for your exams as early as possible. Avoid procrastinating until the last minute. Make sure you comply with the test instructions as failure to do so can result in being penalized, costing you some hard earned scores.

Since cramming won't get you far in your endeavors to pass history, it is advisable to consider other alternatives. In answering your papers and writing your essays, mention specific historical figures, events and any other information that may serve as evidence to your arguments. Common techniques include the use of imagery and acronyms.

For instance you can picture President Johnson granting amnesty to Jefferson Davies. Picture the reaction of the army and the citizens who had suffered from the war. Try to portray the reaction of Jefferson Davis after his pardon. This images will help you remember not only the key people involved in the end of the civil war but also the chronological order of events. Another way to remember better is by associating certain objects with certain locations and events. Keep this in mind while studying and associate each important location or event with the various key people involved.

You can also use rhyming or mnemonics to help remember the hard-to-memorize facts. Choose a mnemonic type that appeals the most to you. Another way to pass college history is by going through past test papers. This will allow you to have a clue of what is expected of you during the exam. Again, some professors just paraphrase some of the previous questions and therefore if you go over a good number of past questions, chances are you will come across at least one during the exam. When doing the exam, if your paper contains an essay question, it is advisable to handle it last. This way you will be able to fully concentrate on it as you write.

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