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How To Pass A College Placement Test

How to Pass a College Placement Test

Placement tests are required to be taken by freshman students to assess and understand their knowledge levels in various subjects. While Math and English skills of students are commonly tested, some colleges could test their students for other subjects too. This article gives you some insights into various components of this aspect including how to pass a college placement test.

Where are placement tests used

Nearly all the two-year community colleges and four-year public colleges and universities ask new students to take placement tests. Community colleges invariably admit all students with a high school diploma or degree.

Hence, these colleges rely on the placement tests to decide which courses to offer the student and which cannot be offered until he or she completes a preparatory level. The placement tests help the college gauge the skill and knowledge skills of the students as it is possible that all of them have varying degrees of skill and knowledge in the same subject.

Interpretation of the results of the placement tests for each student

If you have done exceptionally well in the placement tests and your scores are really high, then it is possible you will be allowed to skip a few basic college-level classes and go straight into the higher level courses.

If your performance is average, then the college will have no problem with letting you do college-level courses. Of course, you may not be allowed to do higher level courses without clearing the basic level ones

However, if you have performed badly in the placement tests and your scores are really low, then most colleges insist that you do some remedial or preparatory classes before admitting you to the college-level courses.

More about remedial courses

Remedial or basic-skills or preparatory courses are offered by many colleges to freshman students whose placement test scores did not meet the college requirements. These courses do not add any credits to your college course; they are merely an opportunity given to you to improve your skills so that you can be ready to take on college-level courses.

Taking remedial courses will cost you time and money. To avoid taking remedial courses, it is best for you to focus and do well in high school and/or prepare well for the placement tests.

Types of placement tests

Colleges use different types of placement tests and these usually measure the skills of the students in the following areas:

  • English Reading

  • English Writing

  • Math

Some colleges offer placement tests for some areas of science and foreign languages. Some of the placement tests are to be completed on computers and many of them give you your scores immediately on finishing and submitting your test. These days, many colleges and universities have developed their in-house placement tests.

How can students prepare and pass a college placement test

It is important to remember that placement tests are based on what you have learned and mastered in high school and hence more often than not you may not need to spend too much of time and resources to prepare for them. Yet, some amount of prepping is needed and you can take the following steps:

  • First and foremost, find out from the admission and assessment officer(s) in college whether you need to take any placement test at all

  • If you have to do so, find out the subjects you will be tested on

  • You can get information about the tests by either asking the college authorities or checking information displayed on the college website.

Final Notes

Placement tests are an important aspect of most freshman year students. As you write the tests and know your scores, you will realize the preparedness of your academic skills in terms of whether you can match up to your college expectations or not.

This information helps you to focus better on the topics and subjects that need more attention and this informed attitude will help you take your college life on the right learning path.

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