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How To Pass A College Spanish Placement Test

How to Pass a College Spanish Placement Test

You need to take a Spanish placement test to determine your skill level which, in turn, will let you decide the appropriate course to take. If your scores are high enough, your college could waive off basic-level college courses saving you both time and money.

However, if your scores are low, then you could be asked to take remedial classes before admitting you into college-level courses.

Spanish language courses usually come under the general education program wherein a certain skill level is required to achieve your final four-year college degree.

Some colleges allow you to take exemption exams which if you clear will exempt you from taking a foreign language course. However, if you do not clear this exemption exam, you will be compelled to take a foreign language course.

Hence, if you choose to do the exemption exam, then it is better not to keep this exemption exam for the last quarter of your college; because, if you do not clear it, you may not be left with sufficient time to complete the compulsory foreign language course.

Read on to know how to pass a college Spanish placement test.

Tips on how to prepare and pass Spanish placement test for college

Get more details from your college counselor – Speak to your admission counselor in college and get more details about the Spanish placement test. Find out details of what format will be used and whether it will be timed or not.

Ask them what will be the syllabus on which the test will be based. Ask them for any study guide or study materials that you could access to prepare for the test.

Read up and brush up on all grammatical aspects – Use the study guide (if provided by the college) to ensure you are perfectly thorough with all grammatical aspects of the language. Do plenty of practice tests in an environment that is simulated to match that of the test. This will help you manage the time of the exam better.

Vocabulary and spelling - Look at the syllabus that has been given to you and make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the Vocabulary and Spelling level needed by the college. In fact, reading and reviewing your high school lessons will be of immense help here.

Allocate time for study every day – Make sure you allocate a little bit of time everyday to practice Spanish till you successfully complete the placement test. This way of diligent study will go a long way in making your learning and understanding more wholesome.

Speak Spanish more often – If you have a sibling or friend or cousin who is good with Spanish, make an effort to speak to them in the language. Nothing makes you more proficient than speaking and conversing more often in the language.

In fact, if some of your friends are taking the placement test together, then it makes sense to stick to Spanish amongst yourselves so that you gain more experience in the language. Avoid speaking in English at least till the placement test is completed successfully.

Watch Spanish movies – Another entertaining way to get better at a language is to watch movies in that language. Now, instead of simply focusing on the content and action in the film, focus on the dialogues too and as you hear familiar words, you will be able to relate to it better. Remember to keep the subtitle off when you are watching a Spanish movie with an intention of improving your language.

Find a Spanish tutor – It might make sense for you to spend some money to get a tutor to teach you the language from the point of view of clearing the placement test with high scores. Remember high scores could give you the advantage of getting courses waived which will save you both time and money in college.

Final Notes

No matter which placement test you have to take, you have to spend some amount of time every day to study for it. The scores of these placement tests could either set you back or give you the much-needed boost in college. So take them seriously.

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