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How To Pass College Anatomy And Physiology

How to Pass College Anatomy and Physiology

Implementing a couple of good strategies can get you acing your college Anatomy and Physiology class with minimal effort. Below are some invaluable tips.

Review your material before class

Go through the topics that are set to be covered in the next class. In so doing, you will be able to notice anything your teacher says that is not in your textbook. Note this information down and look to further on the concepts after class. Again, during your review, highlight the sections that you need clarification on and if by the end of the class they are not clear, raise the questions to your teacher. Also review your lab manuals and make notes before going to the laboratory.

Attend classes

It goes without saying, you have to attend all your classes. In anatomy, each lesson brings about new information and hence skipping classes will leave lagging behind. And hey, that's no way to pass at all. But should it happen that for one reason or another you miss your class, you can ask your classmates to bring you up to speed. Most of the test will be taken from details your teacher gives in class. If you notice he or she is not referring to the book much, concentrate on your class notes. After class take a minute or two to go through what you have learned while it is still in your short term memory.

Prioritize your assignments

The assignments your teacher assigns you shed a light on the topics that your tests will major on. More than that, assignment scores may be factored in your final grade. So it's important to pay attention to your assignments and start working on them early in advance. In so doing, you will have ample time to produce as quality a work as you possibly can.

Go beyond the required assignments and do extra practice activities. Pick out labelling assignments from your textbook and practice each until you get the labels right. Even though tutors have a lot of work, I am sure if you attend extra assignments your teacher will be willing to go through your work.

Have elaborate study schedules

Create a study schedule and discipline yourself to stick to it. A strict time table will help you overcome negative habits such as procrastination. In college Anatomy and Physiology, you will need to spend extra hours of study time outside of class. By sticking to your study schedule you will be able to complete your preparations for test early enough. Rushing things as exams near only serves to create anxiety which is one of the reasons students fail. Manage you time well and allow for enough rest before tests.

Form a Study Group

Look to a study group with other like-minded students in your class. In so doing, you will have a platform to discuss concepts and get help whenever you experience any challenges. You will also get the chance to teach and explain concepts to your group members and this will help you remember the information better.

Study groups are also a source of motivation to study. By noticing the strides being made by your group mates, you will be challenged to study.

Apply helpful study and learning techniques

There are a number of effective techniques that you can employ. This may include the following.

  1. Class recordings

Purchase a good tape recorder and record the important lectures. This recordings will help you revisit specific classes whenever you encounter a challenge.

  1. Use flashcards

This will greatly help you during your study sessions. Through staggered repetition, they improve memorization hence help get on the right path to passing Anatomy and Physiology.

  1. Mnemonics

Choose a mnemonic device that appeals to you. They range from songs to acronym. Stick with what works best for you.

Improving your memorization will be key to performing well in your examination. Even memorizing one or two elements can spark your remembrance of the rest of the information during a test. For instance when studying bones, knowing one or two of origin, insertion, movement can help remember the other.

Another effective strategy is going through past test papers. This will provide you with some good practice and familiarize you with the way the test questions are set. As a result you will be able to focus your studies and improve your ability to pass. Your book will also have a few quizzes at the end of each chapter. You can go through them privately or discuss with your classmates. '

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