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How To Pass College Basketball Tryouts

How to Pass College Basketball Tryouts

College sports play a major role in shaping the life of a student. While there are some people out there in the world who think that playing a sport can eat into your academic time, this reasoning is rather frivolous in the face of the many benefits that sports offer students.

I wish to start this article on how to pass college basketball tryouts by first focusing on the advantages of playing a sport and the pride of being selected for the college team.

Advantages of sports for college students

Improves the overall health of students – Most of the students spend a large part of each day sitting both while attending class and while doing their homework sitting at their desks. Participating in a sport helps students be physically active and fit leading to decreased risk of obesity and other problems.

Relieves stress – Huge expectations and an overload of coursework stress out college students. Playing a sport helps in relieving this stress. In fact, playing a sport helps students focus better on their academics as a fit body houses an agile and alert mind.

Helps students make friends – A college environment is extremely challenging and having good friends as a support system helps in managing these challenges. Playing, strategizing, and winning a team sport such as basketball or simply practicing together can create an amazing bond of friendship.

Helps in the development of important life skills – Playing a sport helps a student understand the importance of being a good player. Playing a sport helps a team to collaborate as a group to achieve a common goal.

Winning a game, of course, enhances the bonhomie in a team; but, even being defeated in a game as a team helps the members learn together from their mistakes and move on. These life skills come of use to students even after college as they face the huge challenges of the outside world where a team player is highly valued.

Tips on How to Pass College Basketball Tryouts

The following tips will help you get noticed by your basketball coach during tryouts and keep your chances alive of getting into the college team.

Focus on what you can do well – A big mistake that most students do at a basketball tryout is to impress the coach by trying out something that they are not good at. More often than not this approach will be disastrous for you. For example:

  • If you are good at rebounding, then catch every rebound

  • If you shoot well, then make sure you grab every opportunity to shoot

  • If you finish well, then make sure you show off this skill at every opportunity.

  • If you are an average shooter, do not try any stunts at taking difficult shots

In the little time that your coach gets to see you, let him or her see your strengths in full force. You are more likely to catch your coach's attention with this approach.

Hustle as much as you can – There is no reason to avoid this activity. Move around the court as much as you; try and grab the ball whenever you can; make sure you take offensive and defensive attacks whenever you can; make your presence felt all over the court.

Make all efforts to let the coach see you in action; don't get lost in the crowd – Let me illustrate this with an example; when the coach calls for everyone's attention for the tryouts, don't simply jog or walk towards the coach.

Spring quickly and take a stand right in front of the coach and make eye contact. This attitude of being really quick on your feet leaves a very good impression on the coach. Do not worry if your friends chide you for this; remember you want to be in the team!

Avoid a flashy approach – Avoid any kind of flashy overtures to impress the coach. Do not hype up your game. Instead, do something that is substantial and catches the coach's attention so that he or she remembers you when such a situation recurs.

Communicate through the tryout session with your team both during an offensive and a defensive position. This will attract and keep your coach's attention as it gives him or her the impression that you are following every move of the ball.

Be confident and speak to the coach – Shyness is to be completely avoided on the court. Leave shyness behind in your dorm room. Be confident and speak to the coach before tryouts can start. Let the coach know that you are really keen on making it to the team. The upfront attitude is highly appreciated by many coaches as it reflects your deep desire for success and your willingness to work hard to achieve this success.

Project a team playing attitude – No basketball coach wants a team member who only thinks of himself or herself while playing. If it comes to making a choice between a fabulous player but with little team spirit and an average player but amazing team spirit, many coaches prefer choosing the latter as the former's personal ambitions could hinder the chances of the team to win. Here are some tips to come across as a great team player:

  • Challenge your team to do better

  • Have a positive attitude and make efforts to put everyone in a good mood

  • Help your teammates when they fall or get hurt

  • Don't ever lose your cool on the court even if someone is taking a jibe at you

Reach the tryout venue early and do your warm-ups – Reaching the venue before time reflects an attitude the tryout is important for you. This "early" arrival also makes you come across as a dependable person. The fact that you do your warm-ups reflects your disciplined approach to the sport. These first impressions that you create are very important to make it to the college team.

Don't let your mistakes come in the way of playing – Don't allow your mistakes to overwhelm you so much that you do not come to play in the next practice game. We all make mistakes; learning from them and moving on is a reflection of a maturity. Even if you are not selected the first time, come back and continue playing basketball whenever you can. Your coach will be impressed with your undying spirit and sooner than later find you a place in his team.

Final Notes

Whether you are looking to move into the varsity team or getting a starting position in the junior team, you have to make that impression on the coach during tryout sessions. Get your communication and fundamentals of the game right!

Be aware of all your team members and their positions on the court. Be wary of making sloppy and avoidable mistakes. Practice the basics of ball handling and ball passing. Practice shooting. Play hard. Do not give up easily. Do not allow failures to overwhelm you.

Be disruptive during a defense attack. After getting hold of the ball, work with your team to get it to your side.

Playing a sport and being selected for the college team can add a lot of value to your resume when you finish college.

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