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How To Pass College Classes Without Studying

How to Pass College Classes without Studying

While studying is the single most vital prerequisite to passing college classes, it is often easy to fall behind at some point during college. Sometimes, due to one reason or another, you may fail to have the necessary time to study. If that's you, no need to fret as you can still pass without having to study. All you have to do is get the maximum out of the knowledge you have gained so far. This, add some other few other simple techniques, and you are good to go.

Techniques to pass without studying

Attend classes

Attending classes is the single most effective way to pass without really having to study. Most lecturers give the most important points and information during their classes. Therefore, if you miss a class you would be left with no option but to study. During the classes, it is important to be attentive. That way you will gain as much as possible.

Take quality notes

This again means you first have to attend your classes. In order to be able to go over your notes with minimal effort, make the notes as clear and organized as possible. Paraphrase your notes to make them summarized and easy to relate to. Do not write everything that your teacher says. Some of the information is vital to passing your class while some information is not. Order the points you learn in the class according to their importance and differentiate them according to topics.

Prioritize assignments

Most teachers issue assignment or homework on the topics they feel important. From time to time, these questions get repeated in your final exam. So it is important to pay attention to the assignments issued. Again some of the assignments factor in your final grades and attempting to cover that deficit in your finals can be a tough mountain to climb, whether you choose to study or not. Differentiate the important assignments from those that can be avoided.

Know how to answer your test questions

For instance when faced with multiple questions, start by eliminating two of the choices. Typically in this questions, some of the answers are unrelated and by paying attention to the wording you can come up with a logical distinction. Again, it is advisable to answer any essay questions last. This will allow you to fully concentrate on the question allowing you to give your best.


Yes, cramming is not ideal. So is 'not studying.' Cramming is a short term fix, and it can work magic if you have not studied. To help you memorize even more, you can use mnemonic devices. This range from rhythms to acronym. You can apply them during your classes as you take your notes to avoid having to go over your notes again.

Making a good impression in class can also help you pass. Avoid being always late for classes as this can cast you in a bad light as far as your tutor is concerned. Rather, look to participate in class by answering questions posed in class or by raising your own. Your teacher will be more lenient when grading your paper if he or she deems you a dedicated student.

Allow yourself some time to relax. Do not panic as exams near. One of the reasons students fail is by cramming till the final minute. You do this, and you end up going to class tired and even with a headache from all that studying. Free up your time towards the test and get enough rest. Get enough sleep preferably 7-8 hours. In so doing, you will get your brain functioning at optimal conditions. Again your brain needs fuel and therefore avoid going to the exam room on an empty stomach. Hunger can be an unnecessary distraction, and this can cause you to perform below your expectations.

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