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How To Pass College Composition Classes

How to Pass College Composition Classes

College composition also known as English 101 is an entry level course taken by most students in college. Students are introduced academic writing conventions search as the use of the library and citation system which are important in college education. Knowing what the class entails and cultivating interest in grammar and vocabulary will help get you on the right path to success not only in this class but also in that disciplines leaning heavily on writing.

Before commencing your classes, revisit the basics of grammar learned in high school since in some classes lecturers will only slightly touch on these and instead major on literature, authors and referencing. Master the areas where students commonly make mistakes in. This may include the use of modifiers, apostrophes or subject-verb agreements. In so doing, you will avoid worrying about basic grammar rules when writing your essays.

In class, you will be provided with two books, the first a collection of English writings and the second a handbook. Read through the essays in your textbook and enjoy the literature works. Afterward, reread the texts as you make observations and note them down for future reference. The writing handbook, on the other hand, will be your most valuable resource over the course of the class. It contains the necessary information on coming up with and composing essays. It will guide you on how to come up with the correct outline for the different types of essays and how to draft and edit them. The book contains lots of information, and you should there familiarize with it as much as possible.

When writing your composition, first come up with the ideas before you start writing. By organizing them logically in your mind, you most probably will not run dry in the middle of your paper. Good quality content is vital in making your essay appealing. Therefore, do not rush straight to outlining and drafting your essay. Should you by any chance run out of ideas, just keep on writing anything you can think of. Make a list in your mind that you consider relating to the topic of your composition. From the list of ideas pick the most robust and incorporate them into your text. By doing that, you will be able to raise the quality of your essay.

Upon receiving your prompt, determine the kind of essay that is required of you. Reading the instructions carefully will enable you to understand and comply with the requirements. These specifications can range from the word count, the number of pages to word spacing. Again budget your time to ensure you finish your writing amply. Estimate the amount of time that you will need to complete your writing while factoring the time available. Ensure there is enough time to proofread and edit your texts to eliminate grammatical errors and poor sentence structures.

Having a study partner can also help you ace the class. By sharing ideas and information, you will be able to improve each other. Start your preparations early to avoid a last-minute rush which undoubtedly compromises the quality of your work.

Another way to pass College composition is by continuously engaging your professor. Make sure you take to them any challenges that you might encounter. Most schools also have academic centers where students can access help on a number of academic problems. In the writing center, you will be able to access personalized support on all the queries that you might have. Getting additional tutoring can help you pass the class. At Prescott Papers, through our academic services, we can assign you a tutor to take you through the course. Through consultation and study advice, our Ivy League scholars can help you have an easy time with your compositions.

Prescott Papers also provides custom writing services to students. For a small fee, our premium writers can attend to your essay assignments helping free up extra time and at the same time improving your grades. All you have to do is submit the instructions, and we will have the paper by the set deadline.

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