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How To Pass College General Chemistry

How to Pass College General Chemistry

General chemistry serves as the introductory course to advanced chemistry concepts. However, to most students doing other majors, the course can appear as a stumbling block. Most of these students only get concerned about the grade. If you fall in this category, you will need to change your perspective to get a breakthrough in the course. This is because the course has a lot of concepts, definitions and terminologies that need to be memorized and to do this you will need to put enough effort. For all that to happen, you will need to have interest in the course.

Chemistry as you probably already know is saturated with a number of principles. This renders cramming ineffective and therefore to pass, you will need to study and understand these principles. And by studying, I don't mean you should read for hours without an end. There is a big difference between studying and reading. Here are a few tips to help you study and pass the general chemistry exam.

How to pass chemistry

Understanding concepts

As stated, you will need to understand rather than cram in chemistry. Cramming keeps information in the short term memory and by the time your finals near, you will be struggling to remember what you learned. Chemistry is learned by either discovering new principles or by getting enough background information on the existing principles. Some whole topics in this course can be based on just a single principle. This means that any failure to understand the principles at the beginning of a class will compromise your ability to understand the chapters based on the principle.

To avoid this, you may have to prepare for some of the classes beforehand. Consolidate the knowledge gained during the preparation and augment it with what you learn in class. In so doing, you will avoid lagging behind as the tutor moves to the next topic.

Take notes

Take notes during your classes. Avoid writing everything your teacher says. Instead, write down only the important points that will be helpful in your studies. This will include all the formulas and equations. Ensure that your notes are clear and organized in the right way. These notes will be paramount as you revise and the more organized they are, the smoother your study sessions will be.

Practice often

On this front, chemistry is a bit related to mathematics. The more you practice, the more the concepts will stick and vice versa. Keep on testing yourself with quizzes and you can ask your teacher to go through your answers. Alternatively you can access test papers with answers here at Prescott Papers. You can do these tests either on your own or with a study group.

Study groups are effective in that they can keep you motivated to study. With your study partners you are also able to discuss and get help in the study area where you have challenges in. At Prescott Papers, through our academic help services, we provide students with tutors to help them pass their college courses. By submitting copies of your notes or textbooks, our writers will create and forward to you study guides and summaries to help you study. We also offer custom writing services to students. By using these services, you will be able to free enough time for you to study and pass your exams.

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