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How To Pass College Genetics

How To Pass College Genetics

In college, genetics is one of the courses that students love to hate. Whether you are looking to get into a career in a related field or not, passing the class is imperative. It is a common occurrence to hear students complain about how difficult the class is. Others will claim the class is boring and hard to follow. The class involves a lot of memorization and to be successful developing a passion or interest in genetics is essential. It will require dedication on your part and once you apply the right approach, you will find the class one of most enjoyable and easiest to pass. Below I have outlined a few tips that will help you ace that genetics class.

Tips to pass college genetics

Familiarize with the class

This should be done before the first class. Get the syllabus and go through it to help you get an overview of the course. Scan the textbooks and familiarize yourself with the concepts. In so doing, you will avoid the usual bombardment of new information that can make the class seem difficult and hard to pass.

Avoid missing classes

Attend all your classes if possible. By missing a class, you may end up missing vital information that may turn out to be the anchor of the next class or lab experiments. Once you lag behind you will spend the rest of the semester playing catch up and as a result, your grades may be affected. After classes, take some minutes to review what you have learned. With what you have learned still fresh in your memory you will be able to notice any areas that you might require further clarification on.

Take your notes

Take notes in class and ensure that they are clear and well organized. Since the class involves lots of information, your notes may prove to be more helpful than the textbook when revising for your exam. Professors will always give all the important information in class. Therefore you should pay attention and note down the important points. However, this is not to say that you should write anything that your professor says. Look to only write the relevant information and paraphrase it in a way you can understand when you go through them later. In summarizing, do not really extensively on the use of abbreviations as this will make your work hard when you are studying for the exam. Smooth and clear notes will also minimize the amount of time you spent studying.

Have a study partner

Genetics is an extensive course. Although you will still be effective studying on your own, having a study partner will help keep you motivated. You will also get the opportunity to teach and explain facts to your study partner and in so doing you will cement the information in your memory.

Have a planner

Schedule your assignment, classes, and tests. This will help you manage your time well. Time management in itself is a vital skill not only in passing genetics but in all of college education. By having a good planner, you will be able to able to allocate yourself ample time to work on your assignments and prepare for exams. This will help you avoid last minute rushes common in college. Resorting to cramming and overnight study may feel like good efforts, but they will not get the best out of you. Prepare early and allow yourself time to relax before your tests.

Ask your teacher for past test papers to get a clue on the presentation of the test questions and as a result, what will be expected of you in the examination. Test papers are also powerful study tools. Get as much as you can handle. Go through them in your study sessions or discuss the questions with your study partner(s). You can also purchase answered test papers online.

Since genetics is heavy on memorization, you will need to learn the use of the various mnemonic devices. This will help you remember terminologies and other information that that can be easily forgotten especially given the amount of information you have to memorize. Some common mnemonics include following;

  1. Chunking

This is where a long list is divided into smaller parts to make the information easier to remember. A good general example of application is the memorization of phone numbers.

  1. Acronyms

The first letters of each word or phrase are used to form a new word.

  1. Sentences

From the acronym, each letter is assigned an easy to remember. For instance, the mnemonic to remember the points of a compass, North, East, South and West would be ;- Never Eat Shredded Wheat.

  1. Rhythm/ songs

The use of repetition, melodies and rhymes aids in the remembrance of facts. This is why to remembrance the lyrics of a song you will see people try to sing the song. Put the words you want to memorize into a song and sing it until you memorize the words.

  1. Imagery

By associating certain images or even locations with the information you want to memorize, you are able to recall the details once you start thinking about that particular image or location.

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