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How To Pass College Government

How To Pass College Government

The comparative government course is notorious for its bulk course work. It's not uncommon to hear students complain about having a number chapters still yet to be taught months to an exam. The course requires a lot of study hours to go through the entire chapters sufficiently. Government introduces learners to political science and aims to improve their ability to read, think and talk about democracy. To pass the class, therefore, you will need to master the basics of independent thinking and analytical arguments whether rhetorical, theoretical or empirical. This will be very important especially when writing essays on the subject. Knowing how to write well is also part and parcel of passing college government.

It is important as well to broaden your knowledge of the subject. The course is very comprehensive and covers a lot of topics ranging from the exercising of power to the history of governance systems from as early as the roots of democracy. Having an interest in the subject is, therefore, imperative even if you are taking the class as a secondary course. This passion for the course will help motivate you to go through government textbooks and read journals to have as much information as possible on the subject. If you lack that kind of passion naturally, look to cultivate or at least spark the curiosity. Watching documentaries on governance can be an enjoyable way to do so. Following on the government policies sparking debate across the country is also another way. Looking into the importance of governments can motivate you to pursue further knowledge on the subject.

Go through the textbooks before your course starts and familiarize with the chapters that you are going to cover in the duration of the class. Before lessons, read through the topic or section that you are going to learn and note down any questions that arise. Look to front these questions in class if at the end of the lesson you will still be needing further clarification. During the classes, pay attention and note what your tutor says in class. Lecturers ensure they pass on the most important information in class and thus paying attention is important. Take notes in class and ensure they are clear and well organized. Also, the notes should be as brief as possible while at the same time containing the most important points. The summarized notes will be of great help to you when you are revising for your tests as it will allow you to cover lots of sections in as little time as possible. Reads these notes daily to maximize your remembrance.

Avoid procrastination. To ensure you beat this grade derailing vice come up with a good planner. Factor in all your classes and assignments and allocate each sufficient time. Factor your out of class study sessions as well. Starting these sessions early in the course will allow you to cover all the course amply and avoid a last minute rush and the associated marathon cramming. These are desperate measures which only serve to ensure you score way below your potential. Look to submit your government research paper as soon as you can. To write effortless and produce quality work, it is advisable to choose a topic that you can relate to. Make sure also the topic is feasible considering the time and resources available. Handling the research paper will allow you to concentrate on your mid-terms and finals.

Form or join a government class discussion group. Ensure you have a good number of members and look to discuss only the governance ideas related to what you are tackling in class. By sharing ideas you will foster each other's knowledge. Scientific studies have also shown that explaining facts to other people helps cement the information more firmly in the memory. The discussion group will also help you be motivated to research further on the subject and to study on your own. It also presents a fun way to study helping make learning government enjoyable. However, ensure you include like-minded individuals and not just your friends. This will help keep everyone focused and prevent discussions from deteriorating into arguments.

Know how to compose college government essays. These are likely to be given in your mid-terms and final examinations. However, they can also be given as part of your assignments. Either way, they make up a good percentage of the total points in the class. Once you are issued with an essay question on governance, there are two things you should consider.

  1. What the question is asking

Analyze the issues that question prompts you to address. When essays are given as assignments, Professors may use them as an incentive for students to go beyond what is learned in class. As a result, you will need to broaden your scope and look beyond what is in your notes or textbooks. When assumptions are cardinal to the prompt question, you will need to actively think out of the box. Therefore, when you encounter a question it is important to have a clear picture of the kind of ideas or concepts you are required to expound on.

  1. The evidence you use

To make you points or arguments compelling, you will need to back them up with sources of information, both factual and conceptual. You will also need to determine the kind of data you will need to use. Be selective and include only the evidence most relevant to your argument.

In government, like in all other disciplines, essay need to have the right structure and organization. Before embarking on answering your essay, make a brief draft and organize the flow of ideas. Budget the available time to avoid having to submit an essay lacking a concluding statement. The general outline of government essays is as follows.

  • Introductory paragraph

Start by outlining the main point of your essay (opening sentence). Make it as clear and easy to understand as possible. Use the rest of the sentences in the paragraph to support the opening statement.

  • Body/main text

In the 350-500 word essays common in exams, the main text is composed of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a distinct point with the first body paragraph having the strongest point. Avoid including contradicting statements and points in these paragraphs. The text should flow logical transitioning from one paragraph to the next.

  • Conclusion

This section summarizes or sums up the points, ideas or arguments outlined in the essay. Reiterate your arguments and show the reader how you have proven them.

Apart from the essays, the other test questions can also be quite challenging. To answer them and pass the test, improving on your remembrance is vital. There are a number of techniques you can use to achieve that. These include:

    The use of flashcards

Flashcards are widely used due to their high degree of efficiency. They help improve memorization through staggered repetition.


These will help increase your memorization of governance institutions and important dates and people in the history of governance, various lists and other confusing pieces of information. These are of varied forms and you can use either depending on the information you seek to memorize.

  • Chunking

This is where a long list is divided into smaller parts to make the information easier to remember

  • Acronyms

The first letters of each word or phrase are used to form a new word.

  • Sentences

From the acronym, each letter is assigned an easy-to-remember word.

  • Rhythm/ songs

The use of repetition, melodies and rhymes aids in the remembrance of facts. Put in a song the names of individuals or statutes that you find hard to remember.

  • Imagery

Associating specific events with specific imagery will improve your memorization of these events.

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