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How To Pass College Level Math

How To Pass College Level Math

Mathematics can be a tough or easy course depending on your approach to the course. The class requires a slightly different approach to most of the other courses in college. Therefore, to pass, you will need something more than the usual memorization and recall. You will need to understand the subject, formulas and concepts and practice or apply them. In math, understanding beats remembrance and again unlike theory classes where it is easy to find repeated test questions, in mathematics even when questions are similar the numbers will always be different. Below is some invaluable advice on how to pass college math.

Prepare yourself before starting the course

The best way to prepare yourself is by going through the course outline and familiarizing yourself with the topics that you are going to cover. This way you will be able to see the areas where you need to work on before joining the class. Mathematics grows from level to level at the same time retaining the concepts learned over the previous levels. Some of the chapters might require some basic knowledge learned in high school and if you can't remember the information, you might be in for a rough start. Obliviously, this is far from ideal if you want to pass the class. It is, therefore, vital to bring yourself up to speed early in advance. This can be done through revision of your earlier notes and textbooks or by getting help from a mathematics tutor conversant with all the levels you need to refresh.

Attend classes

In college mathematics, each class introduces something new, be it a formula, theory or concept. This makes the classes worth not missing. Other than that, the application of most formulas can be quite challenging initially and without being guided, it can sometimes be hard to learn them. More than that, being in class will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications every time you encounter a difficult. Again, teachers are likely to test what they teach in class than what is in the textbook. To make the best out of a lecture, you will need to;

  1. Preview the lesson

This entails going through the chapter that you are going to cover with your teacher. In mathematics, this involves more than just familiarization. You will need to study or discuss with your classmates beforehand. As a result, you will note all problematic areas. Write this down and look to engage your teacher if at the end of the class, the sections are still not clear.

  1. Review the lesson

Take a few minutes at the end of each class to analyze what you have learned. In so doing you will be able to note any concept you need further assistance on. Again by going through formulas after class helps push them from your short term memory to your long term memory increasing remembrance.

Utilize your study schedules well

Mathematics will need you to do numerous practice exercises and thus planning your study time well is advised. Use the time to attempt quizzes, solve problems and also to handle any assignments issued in class. Since some of the assignments will be factored in your final score, taking ample time to work on them will help you pass the class.

Use your time also to go through your notes as this will help you understand the concept behind the different methodologies and formulas that you use. However, if your notes happen to not be that reliable, your textbook can help.

Have a study partner

Having a study partner(s) is one of the powerful tools in studying math. It gives you a platform to tutor your fellow students and in so doing, you are able to understand and remember facts better. Moreover, you will be able to get your problems addressed by individuals at the same level as you making it easier for you to understand.

Familiarize with test formats

Ask your teacher for past test papers if they are available and go through them either on your own or with your study partner. Observe how the questions are set, the instructions and the most repeated topics in the various test papers. You can also take some of the tests and have your teacher to grade your work. This will help you gauge you progress in the class. In taking the tests, stick with the allotted time and refrain from discussing or referencing from your books.

Take your tests well

When students fail in mathematics, sometimes is down to not approaching a test as they should. One of the costly error you can make in a math test is not managing your time well. Very often have heard students complain that the time allocated in math test is not sufficient. However, the problem is usually not with the test in itself but with the students as per as utilization of the allotted time is concerned. Before you start answering the test questions, scan the paper and try to have an idea on the time it would likely take to complete each question. Again start with the questions that seem easy to you and then attempt the rest afterwards. Starting with the tough questions can disorient you causing you to even lose points on the easy questions.

As you answer the questions, mark any doubtful answers and revisit them at the end if you will still be having the time. Recheck if the steps and formulas you used are correct and where necessary redo the question to see if you will still arrive at the same answer. If you get different answers, do not be lazy enough to resort to guessing but rather redo for the third time. Simple mistakes like pressing the cosine when looking for a sine with a calculator can be eliminated this way. In so doing, you will avoid losing points unnecessarily and as a result, avoid failing the class.

Another important technique in the exam is in the answering of multiple choice questions. When faced with a stalemate, you can pick the correct answer by testing the given answers independently. Once you have settled on a choice, mark it on the question paper as well as on the answer sheet. After you are done, take the time to compare and make sure your choice in the answer sheet matches what is in the question paper. It might sound like an easily avoidable mistake but it is a common occurrence in multiple choice tests.

Take advantage of the available college resources

Visit your college's learning center and math lab if available and look for any academic service present that can help you advance your knowledge in math. You should be able to access preparation books, practice test CDs and supplementary tutoring and homework help. In counseling centers, you can also get help to overcome math anxiety if present, in order to succeed in math.

In mathematics, having clear and well-organized work is essential. In solving problems, show the formulas, methods, and steps you have used. In so doing, if the working is correct, the teacher will be inclined to offer you some points even if the final answer is incorrect. To

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