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How To Pass College Midterms

How to Pass College Midterms

College midterms can be such a stressing affair to students. For the freshmen, they present the first real and big challenge in college. The tests are varied depending on the courses you are taking and some students end up having to content with a large number of tests. With the end of the year drawing closer with each passing day, this means the midterms are fast approaching. To help you prepare well and pass your midterms, we outlined a few tips below.

Tips on how to pass your midterms

This tips need to be applied moths to the exam, highlighting the importance of early preparations.

  1. Create a study schedule

Plan your studies early in advance and factor all the courses for which you will take tests for. In so doing you will avoid having to resort to overnight cramming which will only lower your performance. A study schedule will also enable you to focus on one course at a time. This in turn will increase the productivity of your study schedules and as a result your test scores. A study schedule also keeps you motivated to study and helps beat procrastination.

  1. Have a study partner

Having a study partner can help make you make enthusiastic about studying. Everybody, from your teachers, parents to academic advisors will tell you studying is the greatest single way to pass an exam. Even though that's true, we all know that studying isn't the most interesting thing to do. Although you want to study and pass your exams, you find that you would rather go do something more enjoyable. That's basically how all human beings are made. But to be successful, and in this case pass your midterms, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Having a study partner can help get you in the mood to study. If you and your study partner push each other you will have go through your course work and revise before the exams.

  1. Apply effective study techniques

There are number of effective techniques that you can employ to help you understand and remember your class work more. These range from the common use of flashcards to the use of mnemonics. Mnemonics are very effective in helping students to remember a list or closely related names. These devices are of different types ranging from rhythms to acronyms.

Using mnemonics, the definitions of sine, cosine and tangents can be remembered by memorizing SOHCAHTOA which is an acronym for sine= opposite over hypotenuse, cosine = Adjacent over Hypotenuse, and Tangent = Opposite over Adjacent. To remember SOHCAHTOA you can devise your own mnemonic. An example is;

SOHCAHTOA - Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hippie Tripping On Acid

A mnemonic for the current list of planets which include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune can be something like,

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos

Apply the technique that appeals to you the most. Again, understand that different courses will require different approaches in studying. For instance, chemistry will require a different approach to a course like Sociology. It's up to you to know what works for each of the courses you are taking.

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