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How To Pass College Sociology

How to Pass College Sociology

With the right approach, sociology can be one of the easiest classes to pass. Instead of wasting your time fretting about the amount of reading you have to do, there are a few techniques you can use to make the course quite enjoyable and easy to pass.

Assignments play an important role in the grading and it is therefore advisable to pay attention to any work given by the teacher. Teachers issue assignments on the important sections or topics that they are likely to test. Not only that, but also the assignments contribute to the final score at the end of the course. This will necessitate you to attend all your classes so as not to miss out on any of the assignments or homework. Even when your teacher issues a minor assignment such as reading a specific paragraph, always look to do it. You might argue that since the assignment is not up for submission your teacher won't know whether you did or not, but in so doing you will miss the intended information.

This makes attending classes vital in sociology. During classes, look to make your own notes. Although very important, textbooks contain a lot of unnecessary information. By listening to what your lecture says you will be able to come up with a summary that can help revise efficiently and hence pass your exams. Most tutors ensure they state the most important points and information in class and these details end up featuring in tests. However this is not to say that you should become a writing robot putting down every single thing your teacher says. No, rather write down the most important points. You can also go ahead and note those details you suspect you might easily forget.

After classes take a few minutes to review the notes you have taken and any other new concepts that you have learned. This is beneficial due to a number of reasons;

  1. The lesson is still fresh in your mind and thus you are able to identify easily the sections that you need to further read on. Try to turn the major points into questions and see whether you can answer them using your notes.

  2. Once you indulge into your other activities you may fail to review your notes all together. Next thing you know, you are in class trying to learn new concepts while still having some questions about the previous lesson. This will pile up the number of topics you have difficulties with at the end of it all, and studying sociology will become tedious rather than the smooth revision it is supposed to be.

In sociology, you will encounter a lot of concepts around which the understanding of the subject will be based. This is due to the complexity of the nature of society and other key concepts. Understanding rather than cramming is your key to passing. Cramming only places information in your short term memory. Begin your preparations early so as to have enough time to go through each of the major topics comprehensively. Having a time schedule can help you achieve that.

Again, show up for examinations early and well organized. Getting late and having to rush your preparations stems anxiety. Scan the test before you start answering your questions. Ensure you comply with the instructions to avoid losing some valuable points. Again, this will allow you to have an estimate of the time you will likely spend on each question hence allowing you to manage your time better. Start with the questions that you completely know first and revisit the troublesome questions later.

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