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How To Pass College Spanish

How to Pass College Spanish

College Spanish can be a very challenging course. Being a Spanish tutor, over the years I have taught and graded a large number of students. Yes, some pass the class with flying colors but others really struggle to come to terms with the course. The reality of the matter is, most of the students who pass the class possess an actual desire to learn the language. The mistake students make is only being interested in the grades only. Most wish to just get the credit and get on with their lives. But who can blame them, learning a new tongue is naturally no easy feat and Spanish is by no means an exception. Below are some tips to help you ace the class.

Tips on passing Spanish

Pay attention in class

Just because you want to pass the class does not mean you are not prone to zoning out. Pay attention to details that your teacher is issuing in class. Look to raise questions whenever the going becomes tough. Also by answering questions you will improve your remembrance of the vocabulary and also the general fluency. After classes take some time to review what you have learned. In so doing you will notice the areas where you need clarification and be able to consult your instructor before the next class.

Study in groups

Not only does this make studying Spanish interesting, but you will also have the opportunity of teaching your fellow classmates. It is universal knowledge that teaching or explaining to your fellow students helps cement concepts more in your brain. Again, when you encounter challenges of your own, you will be able to get help from your study partners.

Speak and speak like native Spanish speakers

Dropping your English accent is a step in the right direction. In so doing, you will be able to notice the difference in phonemes. Some letters are not pronounced identically. This is not to say that in order to pass you need to nail the accent and roll those letters like the Spanish speakers, but giving it your best shot can work wonders for you during your tests.

Read Spanish texts

Reading more and more text will help improve your vocabulary. Listening to Spanish recordings can also help you boost your proficiency in the language. Choose translated texts as you will be able to check the meaning in English whenever you face a difficulty. By practicing the language regularly you will be able to freshen up your vocabulary as the tests near.

Also work on all the assignments that your teacher issues in class. Tutors include the concepts they deem essential in the assignments. It is therefore important to master the requirements. Ensure you are ready early in advance before the exam. This will help avoid anxiety associated with the last minute rushes and as a result you will be able to easily pass your exams.

During the exam, read and follow the instructions. Do not let simple mistakes cost you some hard earned credits. Scan all the questions to have an idea on the amount of time you need for each question. After you are done, reread your answer to make sure everything is in order.

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