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How To Pass College Statistics

How to Pass College Statistics

Statistics 101 is one of the most common courses in colleges. Across the country, more than half of the college degrees offered in colleges require completion of a statistics class. Although not most students will agree, this class is one of the easiest in college. It augments the statistics learned in high school.

To ace the class, you will need to apply the right approach. If you happen to be one of those students that dislike the class, probably also a change of perspective is due. Developing interest will help keep you always motivated to study.

Tips on passing college statistics

Prioritize your classes

Unlike subjects such as history, statistics build on concept after concept. Missing class can cause you to lag behind and as result make the class seem hard. The initial classes are very important since they serve to introduce the major principles. Attending classes will enable you to ask your tutor for clarification should you encounter any challenges in a lesson. After classes, take some time to review what you have gained during the lesson.

Familiarize with the concepts and skills

College statistics involves, among others, the collection, organization and interpretation of data. It aims to look at the characteristics of data in a certain criteria. It is therefore important for you to familiarize with the different statistical models. In so doing, you will have an easy time templating and representing your data. Once the class starts to become familiar the more you will want to advance it.

Learn how to use the graphic calculator. Your tutor may fail to take you through and it is upon you to familiarize with the calculator on your own. This can come quite handy during your exams. Get around to knowing how to create your graphs especially with Excel. Look for other reoccurring skills and try to master them.


Practice makes perfect. Practice solving as many problems as possible. Statistics is not a theory course and therefore you will need to exert yourself more. Look for exercises in your textbook and you can also source past test papers online. If you are studying alone, ensure the test papers are bundled with a marking scheme.

Make a study schedule

You have probably heard this a million times. However, to pass a statistics class, you will need to study and to study you need a timetable. This will keep you disciplined and help you beat procrastination which is a common habit in college especially where classes like statics are involved.

Start studying as early as possible. This will help you avoid having to resort to cramming at the last minute. Although memorizing formulas proves to be helpful in a test, understanding concepts is the ultimate solution to passing statistics.

Get help when you need it

If you get stuck at some point, it is wise to look for help. With new concepts being learned day in day out, skipping the difficult sections you encounter can make the course unbearable. This is why some of the students who take statistics end up dropping it. There is no shame in asking for help. This can be from your teacher or from the academic center. Another effective way is through having a study partner or by forming or joining a discussion group. More than that in a study group you will get the opportunity to teach and explain concepts to your fellow students and this will help cement them more in your memory.

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