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How To Write A 1000 Word Essay In One Night

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay in One Night

You have had a fabulous weekend partying and watched five back-to-back movies. And you think that there couldn't have been a better weekend for you. The activities of fun and frolicking has tired you out. You hit the sack early on Sunday night.

And then it hits you! You have to submit a 1000-word essay by tomorrow morning to your English teacher comparing Macbeth and Hamlet's characters. You jump up despite being loathe leaving the warmth of your bed and blanket. And ask yourself, "how to write a 1000 word essay in one night?"

You pull out your books, you read up something from the internet, and your mind is befuddled. And you don't know where and how to start. This article is aimed at helping you overcome such challenges in college.

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay in One Night

Here are some tips on how to write a 1000 word essay in one night that will be really helpful in your struggling times:

First find the right place to write your essay – a place away from the usual noise and clutter. When in a college dorm, don't assume there will be quiet and peace at night. Silence and books are great friends and each adds value to the other. A calm place is an ideal situation to write.

Plan and strategize – Without any effective strategy, no plan can be successful; and so with writing an essay. Note down the points that define Macbeth and Hamlet; note down the sequence of events in the plays; reflect back on what was taught in class; the teacher would have mentioned some references which bring out the differences/similarities between the two characters.

In the above example of comparing and contrasting Macbeth and Hamlet, some ideas could include:

  • Similar characteristics of the two heroes

  • Differing characteristics of the two heroes

  • How Macbeth would have reacted if he was Hamlet and vice versa

  • How Shakespeare was effective in making heroes of both of them despite their differing natures

Organize your essay – Organizing your essay is an essential part of the planning process. Your essay would ideally be in the following format:

Introductory section – Use an impactful quote; this is one of the best ways to start an essay. Write the thesis statement which will tell the reader in no uncertain terms as to what to expect in the essay. Explain in brief what subtopics (for a 1000-word essay, stick to about 3-4 subtopics) you will be using to support your viewpoint in the essay and end the introduction with 1-2 sentence transition statement.

First supporting subtopic paragraph (s) – This should contain the most important point that supports your thesis statement. Mention the details, facts, your viewpoint, and again end with a small transition statement.

Second supporting subtopic paragraph (s) – This should contain the second most important aspect supporting your thesis statement. Again, mention details, quotes, and your viewpoint. Here the transition statement need not be there. In fact, avoid it because it could give a sense of repetitive boredom to your essay.

Third supporting subtopic paragraph (s) – This should contain the least important point supporting your thesis statement. If this is the last subtopic, then it makes sense to include a brief transition statement.

Conclusion – In a couple of brief, succinct sentences, round up your subtopics and reinforce your thesis statement and, perhaps, add a final thought. The final thought could include your own enjoyment in writing the essay.

Remember to keep all things out of your head except the essay topic – Keep your phone away, keep your friends away, and sit in a silent place (the library could be a great place). The calmness of your surroundings helps you hear your mind and thoughts.

Do a bit of research – Unless it is a fictional story, you will have to spend some time on researching your topic. Use the internet, use books in the library, and other such resources. It adds a lot of value to your essay if you can quote a couple of sources. Don't forget to give credit else your essay will be penalized for plagiarism.

Keep expectations realistic – After all, you are going to write an essay in one night. This should ideally have been done in small chunks; that would have resulted in a wonderful essay. Keeping your expectations from the last minute efforts realistic will reduce stress and pressure allowing you the freedom to think, plan, and write in an objective frame of mind.

Begin with the title – While this is an ideal way to start an essay don't spend too much time on it if nothing good is coming to your mind. Write the essay and, invariably, some title or heading will pop in your head. A good headline for the above example would run as follows: Are Hamlet and Macbeth comparable?

Focus on the introduction – Make your introduction as smart and intelligent as you can make it. It is the first paragraph of your essay and making a good beginning is important for an effective essay.

Go with the natural flow of thoughts – While structure and organization are important, it is equally important to go along with the flow of your thoughts. Don't forget to add in your feelings and emotions. Don't be scared of taking sides. If, in your essay, your preference to one character over the other is clear, then so be it.

Final Notes

You need not be overwhelmed by the activity of writing an essay. It is neither very difficult nor very complex. Yes, it does need sufficient practice to make the final result perfect. But that should not deter you from making the attempt. You will see your writing skills evolve over time.

The best way to check for this evolution is to read your essays again in chronological order. You will find ways how to improve the first few writing attempts and you will feel proud when you find that perfect piece amongst your writing that you do not want to change at all.

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