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How To Write A 500 Word Essay

How to Write a 500 Word Essay

Writing essays are absolutely unavoidable in college. You have no choice but to pick up skills in this aspect. Writing an essay without any word restriction is quite a challenge by itself; however, being able to say what you want to in just 500 words does seem like an insurmountable challenge.

I would like to put forth another perspective. There are some of you who might think that writing 500 words is too much and you are overwhelmed by the thought of having to write so many words. So, you see, the 500 is only a number. Some think it is too much to fill and some think that they cannot fill all their thoughts into such few words.

At the outset, let me urge you to cast all negativities out of your head. If you think you can there is nothing to stop you from doing it and if you think you cannot there is nothing to make the "cannot" from happening.

A 500-word essay consists of the following:

  • Three parts including the introduction, body, and conclusion describing something or someone

  • It is usually one-and-a-half pages long (using double space 12 size Times Roman font)

This article aims at giving your simple and easy-to-follow steps on how to write a 500 word essay and let's start right away.

How to write a 500 word essay

Choose your topic – Choose your topic wisely. Let the choice be interesting and see if you can add some form of learning for the reader, then it would be good. If the subject has been given to you by your teacher, then think of something that is interesting around the topic.

More often than not, teachers would give a topic that has a wide range of sub-options for writing your essay. Invariably only a basic idea will be given and you will get the freedom to present it in any way that appeals to you.

Strategize – Before embarking on any project, always spend a little bit of time to draw out a plan. Decide how you are going to approach the topic. Decide which subtopic you are going to write about. For example, if the topic given was the American Civil War, the number of subtopics available to you is huge. It could be any of the following:

  • Your favorite hero of the war

  • The Causes Leading to the war

  • Effects of the war

  • Movies made on the war

  • Your favorite event in the war

  • An untold story of the war

My above list is very, very rudimentary. You can find a larger number of subtopic options. Once you have chosen the subtopic, decide what your thesis statement is going to be. For example, if it is an untold story, you can have the following thesis: While the American Civil War has been talked of in length by a lot of people, there still remain many untold heroic acts that need retelling. Decide which story you want to say and how you want to the end the essay.

Introduction – This paragraph should include your thesis statement. While the introduction ends with a thesis statement, your essay will get a huge facelift if you can start with a little quote. An example with American Civil War would run something like this: Abraham Lincoln said of the war, "There is no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing in war, except its ending."

Body of the essay – Here, try and achieve the following:

  • Arouse emotions or feelings in the reader

  • Share your feeling with regard to the topic in question

  • Include critical data relating to your subtopic. Using imagery makes the reader feel like he or she is participating in the event being related.

Conclusion – This is actually the easiest part of the essay. You just need to reiterate a very short summary of your main points and at the end reinforce the thesis statement. If there is space or word count available, then you might want to add a final thought like, "while the heroics of war do instill a sense of pride in us, I cannot deny the hard truth in Abraham Lincoln's thoughts on the worthlessness of war."

A few more tips on how to write a 500 word essay

Think out of the ordinary – Considering the brevity of the assignment, it is important to say something that is out of the ordinary. Just a single or at most a couple of thoughts should be in the body. This compels you to present something that is different and that which has not been discussed at length

Put yourself in the position of the reader – If you were the reader, would the essay impress you? Would the quote, the flow, the conclusion look like one cohesive unit? Are there counter-arguments that creep up? Should you plug these or leave them for the reader to find his or her own answer? The responses to these kinds of questions will facilitate in making the essay highly readable and interesting.

Do sufficient amount of research – Authentic data will add immense value to your essay. Use quotes with due references to avoid plagiarism mishaps. Use only dependable and genuine sources of information. Such display of authenticity will invoke interest and credibility in the reader's mind.

Final Notes

Writing a good essay is definitely a challenge but not at all insurmountable. With diligent practice and hard work, your essays can become a new standard in your class. Please use the tips, ideas, and suggestions given in this article and I am sure your endeavor to achieve success as a great essay writer will fructify sooner than later.

However, even with the tips, suggestions, and ideas, you are finding it difficult to complete the essay. Or you have too much on your plate and you simply have no time to do this essay. At such times, do contact Prescott Papers where our experts are waiting to help you write a great essay.

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