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How To Write A College Application Essay Outline

How to Write a College Application Essay Outline

In school, I am sure you were a pro at writing essays. You were, undoubtedly, brilliant at creating a thesis statement within a great introductory paragraph, writing 3-4 paragraphs in the body with supporting evidence and correctly quoted references, and tying up the entire essay neatly in the concluding paragraph.

To understand how to write a college application essay outline, firstly you have to, at least for the moment, unlearn your essay skills. A college application essay is all about you, your personality, who you are, what drives you, and why you think the college in question is the perfect fit for you.

A college application essay would have to create an image of you that goes beyond your scores, your grades, and your extra-curricular activities for which you would have, anyway, attached relevant documents and certificates. The application essay, on the other hand, is like that beautifully knotted bow found in gift wraps that compel the person to slid open the gift.

Likewise, your college application essay should compel the authorities and/or admission officers to want you as their student.

Tips on How to Write a College Application Essay Outline

Think of what is unique about you – Imagine yourself to be standing in front of the admission officer. He or she is asking you to narrate your life story. What and how would you share your story with him or her? Jot down what you will say.

What should be in your college application essay? - Your essay is the opportunity you get to share the following with the admission officer:

Your personality – What makes up your personality? Ensure you include strengths and weaknesses. A couple of sentences to explain how your strengths have helped you lead a fulfilling life and how you have managed to check or convert your weakness to your advantage will make you come across as a resourceful person.

Your influences and drivers – Who are you influenced or motivated by? While parents, famous personalities etc are good options, make the effort to include someone who has a reference to the college in question. If could be an old student who has become famous or a relative who you admire a lot and who graduated from the college. It adds a good touch of familiarity to your essay.

Life experiences – These should include:

  • Difficult times in your life from which you learned valuable lessons and which made you stronger than before

  • Triumphs that increased confidence levels and made you realize your potential

Your goals and ambitions – Ensure your goals and ambitions are aligned to the college course you are applying for. Explain what motivates you towards these goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Why do you think the college is a good fit for you – Avoid generalities and include specific details as to why you believe the college is good for you. At this point, include how you can add value to the college too.

Final Notes

A common mistake committed by many students is to try to fill the essay with everything about their lives including all they have done, seen, and learned. Usually, the essay is expected to be around 650-700 words and trying to fit everything will not be a prudent idea at all.

It is important to focus on the top 1 or 2 important things or stories in your life that truly reflects your personality.

Finally, despite all these tips, if you cannot do the essay or busy with other aspects of college admissions, then call us at Prescott Papers and we will help you do your college application essay for you.

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