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How To Write A Descriptive Essay About A Person

How to Write a Descriptive Essay about a Person

Writing a personal essay calls for digging deep into your creative space. Sometimes, referred to as "character sketches," a descriptive essay based on a person is not easy to create. When you think of someone, what comes to mind is his or her image.

It is not easy to transfer that image into an essay that perfectly reflects what you had in mind about the person. I hope the tips, ideas, and strategies discussed in this article (which is a collection of essay writing experiences of our expert writers) will help you overcome challenges associated with writing such a paper.

Here are a few tips on how to write a descriptive essay about a person

Choose the person you want to write about wisely

Select someone you know really well. Writing about someone you don't know well enough will restrict your ideas and additionally you will run the risk of, perhaps, passing on wrong information about the person.

Remember the person in question can be from your family, from your circle of friends, or even the protagonist in a movie or book. You must admire the person a lot else, the emotion will not come through in the essay.

While you are free to choose someone from your imaginary world, it does make sense to select an individual in your real life. You can, of course, add some fictitious characteristics to this "real" person so that the person comes across as close to being real as possible.

If you have read interviews of authors, they would invariably agree that the main character in their fictional story was based on a real person with some imaginary twists made to the personalities.

Basing your essay on a real person adds credibility to your effort. Moreover, you can actually talk to the individual and learn more about him or her giving your extra material for your writing.

Add plenty of imagery while describing the person

Before you start to write your essay, find your favorite story and read it again. This time, focus on how the main character was introduced in the story. The author would not have spent a few paragraphs to describe the individual in great detail. If he or she had done this, it is highly unlikely that the story was a favorite of yours.

The author introduces the character through a series of actions, reactions to situations, and through presenting events using personality traits. Small pieces of the protagonists are revealed as the story progresses.

Try to do something similar for your descriptive essay based on a person. Let me give you an illustrative example to describe a person's physical appearance.

Jennifer has golden blond curly hair that falls till her shoulder, has blue eyes, and is 5 feet tall. Her long legs are slender and beautiful and her graceful walk is nice to watch.

Jennifer's contagious laughter can be perceived through her whole body. Her golden bond curly hair flies about her face as she throws back her beautifully shaped head while laughing heartily at something. Her sparkling blue eyes that contrast wonderfully with her blond hair reflect the joy in her laughter. And her petite 5 feet figure looks good enough for a warm hug.

On the contrary, when she is angry, her slender and powerful legs are automatically poised in a perfect position ready for a lunging fight and you will be left in no doubt that the kick she delivers will crunch a bone or two from the opponent's body. Strangely, the blue hue of her eyes changes color to a fiery red during such times!

Can you notice the difference in the two descriptions of the same personality? The first is boring and drab. You'd wish you never come across Jennifer in real life. However, in the second one, her joie de vivre comes through quite well. You will find yourself smiling thinking of her contagious laughter and you will wonder that made her so mad that she was ready to give break bones?

Character descriptions have to be descriptive, Try and include events or experiences that will bring out the person's physical traits rather than simply state them in your essay.

How to describe personality traits

Let's look at the example of Jennifer again. The illustrations that describe her physical traits make her out to be a person who reacts in the extremes of the emotional spectrum. It might make sense to follow this through while describing her personality traits.

How does this sound? Jennifer is prone to extreme emotional reactions. Whether something makes her angry or happy, her reactions, invariably, reach the ends of the spectrum. When she received the acceptance letter from UCLA last year, she was so overjoyed that she did an impulsive cartwheel and right through the act, her loud whoops of joy seemed to shatter the eardrums of many onlookers (though they all had smiles on their faces).

Let me tell you about another incident which triggered her anger beyond measure. When she saw an old lady struggling to find a parking space, she moved out her car so that the lady would take her place. However, another man found this opportune moment too good to miss and he quickly and rather rudely overtook the old lady and parked in the space that Jennifer had cleared. She was so livid at this that she followed the man right up to his office and hurled such insults and swear words on him that I dare not even try to write here. And she did not let go till the man came down and cleared the parking space for her again!

Some general tips to keep in mind while writing your definition essay

  • Keep your essay as "lively" as you can

  • Use examples to illustrate the person's physical and personality traits

  • Read as many other similar essays as you can. This will give you lots of tips on how to go about writing yours

  • Stick to 3-4 traits to focus on. More than this number will end up making your essay rather long and uninteresting.

  • Ensure you introduce the individual in your introductory paragraph

  • The main body should cover the primary characteristics; keep it to one idea per paragraph

  • Your conclusion should tie the entire essay together and present a wholesome character to the person in question. An example for Jennifer would run like this: Despite her idiosyncrasies, or should I say, because of her idiosyncrasies Jennifer is a livewire. Having her around has helped me become a far more outgoing person than I was before I met this amazing lady. I hope she continues to bring cheer and joy to everyone she comes in contact with.

Final Notes

I hope these ideas reduce your burden a bit. So, go ahead, get cracking and enjoy breathing life into a great character. Don't let fears dampen your creativity.

However, even with these tips and ideas or owing to other unavoidable reasons, you are unable to write your definition essay, our experts at Prescott Papers are ready to help you with it. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your academic requirements.

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