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How To Write A Graduate Personal Statement

How to Write a Graduate Personal Statement

Nearly all graduate programs require a personal statement to be included along with the application. Yet, the colleges do not specify any essay prompt to the applicants leaving many students wondering about what to include and what to leave out of a graduate personal statement.

This article is aimed at giving some insights and tips into how to write a graduate personal statement.

Guidelines for writing a graduate personal statement

Project your personal image – A common mistake committed by most graduate college applicants is to include generalizations in their personal statements. Connect yourself to the program you have chosen to apply for.

Explain why you chose the particular graduate program by linking related anecdotes from your undergraduate life and/or other aspects of your personal life. Each anecdote should reinstate the affirmation of your passion for the chosen program leaving no doubt in the mind of the admission offer that you are bound to excel in your chosen program.

Talk about specific personal traits and characteristics that have helped you choose this particular program. In addition to your subject expertise and skill, talk about your soft skills such as leadership qualities, team player attitude etc.

Do not include information that is available in other documents of the application package – For example, do not include your undergraduate GPA scores or awards you won in your personal graduate statement. This information will anyway be available as part of the application kit. The admission officer will not be impressed by your duplicate recording of facts. Instead, include personal and historical information by delving into your personal experiences (which will not be available in any document) including but not limited to your undergraduate college courses.

Let your personal statement reflect your deep knowledge about the graduate program and the college you have chosen – It is a common thing to include your appreciation for the college and the esteemed professors teaching there. However, do not limit it to this. Explain in some amount of detail what interesting aspects of the program and/or the work done by the program professors have contributed to your choice of the specific graduate course. You can talk about particular facilities that you find exciting and why they are crucial to achieving your academic goals.

Let your concluding paragraph present a delectable picture of a future that you envision – The concluding paragraph should evoke an image of your envisioned future based on the advantages gained from successful completion of the specific graduate program. This future should include both personal successes and contributions that you wish to make to the community or to any specific industry.

Final Notes

The plan to do a graduate course reflects your deep desire to learn more and gain more expertise and skill in your domain. Learning is a lifelong affair and it is heartening to see students willing to put in extra efforts in this regard.

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