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How To Write A Long Paper In One Night

How to write a long paper in one night.

One of the worst situations to face is that of an impending deadline, when you successfully procrastinate through your paper's deadline and you are left with only 12 hours to write the most brilliant piece of paper and deliver it to your professor on his desk at 9 in the morning. It seems impossible, right? But it is possible if you utilize your time well and get started right away. Here are a few tricks that can help you manage your time and avert a blunder that might put your degree in jeopardy.

  • Search for relevant information

Before writing your paper, you should understand what you have to write and if you have topics to choose from then take a minute or two and find out which of the topics is most researched on. Choose a topic that is readily available on the internet, this would make it easier for you to research on the topic as there would be an abundance of information present on the internet and you would easily be able to access it.

While choosing a topic, you need to keep in mind that if you already know a certain topic then it should be preferred over the others. Try to make your life easier instead of harder and choosing a topic you already know will make it easier for you write the paper and you will not have to put in as much effort. So, you have to choose a balance between what is readily available and what you already know and if the two coincide then that is just good luck for you.

  • Do your READING

There is a famous saying, "if you have to cut down a tree in ten minutes, spend the first two in sharpening your axe". This statement is analogous to how you should prepare to write a lengthy paper on the night before it is due. Always start with reading and accumulating all the knowledge that is related to the subject on which you are to write. This helps you save a lot of time in the long run and it is important to highlight the main sources for your paper.

If you are using internet for carrying out research then a good step that you can use is to classify your tabs in your internet browsers with respect to the importance of information in them, in order to make them easily accessible and readable. What I do is that I choose one side and then make sure that the tabs are ranked in a descending order from that side. This makes it easier for me to access relevant information without having to go through all the tabs again and again.

  • Get Started

If you have to get a whole paper done in one night then outlines and planning will not do you much good. The best thing to do after you have gathered enough information to start is to start writing. The sooner you start, the sooner you will move forward. When you reach this stage of writing your paper, it is important to set milestones like completing a certain portion of the paper before you can take a quick 5 minutes break and refresh yourself. Setting milestones can help you streamline your focus and give you motivation to complete the essay.

  • Get Rid of Distractions

You need to turn that phone off and throw it somewhere far away where you cannot reach for it after writing every sentence or so. Distractions such as your smartphone and other social media can divert you from your goals and really slow you down. The last thing you need when you are trying to get your paper done as soon as possible is to slow down because you start watching videos of cute kittens after every 10 minutes so, close the Facebook tab and focus on how much you need to submit this paper, start writing right away and do not stop until you reach a milestone. Getting a paper done in one night is not impossible if you do not get distracted or procrastinate, promising yourself that you will start after five minutes.

  • Proofread on the go

I believe the best practice is to fix your mistakes as you move forward. After you are done writing a paragraph, go over the mistakes, if you are using Microsoft Word then your mistakes should be highlighted and easy to fix. Proof reading as you write will save your time and you will not have to spend a lot of time to go through the essay and fix its mistakes. The reason why I support this practice is because if you are writing a paper on the night before it is due. There would be a high probability that you would be too tired to check it properly when you wake up the next morning before submission.

Therefore, it is always better to fix the mistakes as you move forward and always remember, quality is always better than quantity. Never fill your essay with unauthentic information or gibberish just to reach the word count. Never plagiarize, an original essay of half the size is better than the fully plagiarized paper that you may try to submit. Many professors have strict policies against plagiarized content and may mark you zero if not in negative and this would ruin your integrity in front of your professors on the long run.

  • Avoidance

These techniques may help you deliver a good essay every now and then but try to focus on adhering to deadlines and getting your paper done on time instead of procrastinating it till the last day. When you write an essay at the last day, there is a higher chance of error in the writing, you might miss some important requirement mentioned by the professor or you may simply be too tired to write. So, prevention is always better than the cure and one should try to write the paper when there is ample time but if the push comes to shove, these tips will help you out in writing a perfect paper on the last night.

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