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How To Write A Satire Essay

How to Write a Satire Essay

A satire essay is fun to write as it allows you to leverage the advantages of irony, sarcasm, and exaggeration to poke fun at something. Many times, political figures are objects of satirical works and there are many popular TV shows where news of the week are presented in an exaggerated and ironical manner which the audience loves.

The intention of any satirical work is usually to hit home a society-based concern to the target audience in a fun and humorous way yet not taking away the credibility and seriousness of the topic under discussion. Writing satire essays allow you to be highly opinionated and you are, more often than not, free to add your own twists and turns.

The power of a satire work

Let me give start by introducing the "Join, or Die" cartoon done by one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was a printer, an author, a politician, a political theorist, a scientist, a postmaster, inventor, a civic activist, diplomat, statesman, and a satirist.

His "Join, or Die," political satirical work is credited with being the first political cartoon in American history. It was first published in Pennsylvania Gazette, his own publication on May 9, 1754.

The cartoon was that of a snake that was severed into 8 pieces representing the various colonies of the United States that were fighting with one another. This cartoon was published along with a stern editorial from him stating the dangers associated with living in disunited states. The editorial spoke about how important it is to have unity among the colonies to stave off French and Indian invasions successfully.

More than the editorial, the cartoon of the severed snake, which was based on a myth that a severed snake could be come alive if joined together, gained a lot of umbrage among the people of American. This powerful imagery became a symbol of freedom exhorting erstwhile colonies to join hands to win freedom from the British.

The "Join, or Die" slogan has been incorporated into some of the most recent TV shows including Sleepy Hollow and the video game, Assassin's Creed III. You can imagine the power of that one satirical picture that is still found relevance more than 260 years after its invention.

I would like to mention there that it must be kept in mind that the intention should never to willfully hurt but only bring out your ideas with some wit and laughter. While citizens of the United States are covered under the Freedom of Speech, the same may not be the case in other countries of the world where a badly done satire can attract a libel suit. So, it is important to be careful

Here are few ideas and tips on how to write a satire essay.

Choose your topic sensibly

Make sure you choose a topic that people are aware of. While there are some topics that you may enjoy writing about, don't get too carried away with that emotion. Instead, choose a simple and easy-to-recognize subject that most people will know about for your essay.

It is also possible to end up choosing a celebrity or event that already has been spoken in length in the satirical format. This also makes it difficult to write a unique essay that stands out in your class as most of your classmates might also end up writing about this famous celebrity of event.

You could choose to write about your culture or community. A satire essay on your community will give delightful insights into your culture while making people laugh too.

So, spend a little time and think which topic interests you and which you know a lot about. It is imperative to choose a subject that you know well and have up-to-date knowledge.

More ideas for satirical essay topics include:

  • Write about yourself. You could think of a funny quirk or habit of yours and create humor around it and yet illustrate how it affects your family negatively sometimes. Since this is very personal, readers will be able to connect with it. Moreover, everyone in the world has a story of his or her own.

  • You could choose a famous personality or a literary character. Without sounding rude and nasty, you can poke fun at their mannerisms and general attitude.

  • You could delve deep into your imagination and make up something like weird ideas and stories based on some known facts.

  • Identify with the story of your topic. You must have interest or be passionate about the subject on hand; else your satire essay will never be able to touch the hearts of the readers

Keep the essay simple

Avoid the risk of overcomplicating matters simply with the intention of creating what you believe a masterpiece. Remember to keep intended names of people and events simple enough so the reader clearly relates to what you are describing in your essay. This will help keep and retain the focus of the reader.

Come up with an eye-catching title

A title or the headline is one of the most important aspects that attract the attention of the reader. Remember to spend some time thinking about an appropriate title and do not underestimate its value. It is as important as the content of your 2000-word satire essay!

Take time over writing your satire essay and deliberate long enough on ideas

Writing a good satire essay is not just difficult but also calls for deliberations and re-deliberations on multiple aspects including the choice of topic, what literary devices to use, where, what, and how to put the needed twist etc. Most satirists are steady and diligent workers who are constantly thinking of ways to improve their piece.

Take a leaf off from their books and learn to work slowly and steadily. While writing an essay fast makes you come across as a prolific writer, it may not really get you the grade you are looking for.

Let your humor in your satire essay be of good taste

There is a very fine line dividing good humor from offensive humor. While your satire essay is bound to make some people angry, avoid deliberately raking up issues that have the power to inflame social, religious, or racial tensions.

It is always better to write a satire essay about a group that you are an active and happy member of. For example, it makes sense to write about the problems of maternity leave if you are a working mother than if you were an unmarried man with no children. It also makes sense to give your essay to someone you trust who can tell you honestly if it requires any serious revisions.

Delve deep into your imagination

Leverage your creative and imaginative abilities to create a satire essay. This will make your essay more unique and interesting.

Examples of satire writing

Let me give you some classic examples of satire available in English literature. Reading and understanding them will help you write your own satire essay well.

"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important," - Bertrand Russell

"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant that could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years," - Mark Twain

"A jury consist of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the best lawyer," - Robert Frost

"Income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has," - Will Rogers

"I got the bill for the surgery. Now I know why the doctors were wearing masks," - James H Boren

Final Notes

While satire can be a lot of fun to write and read (the latter is true only if it is well-written one), there are dangers involved wherein people could interpret things in a wrong way and this could land you in trouble. Yet for the sake of a college satire essay, sticking to yourself, your set of close friends, and your family to write about is a great way to make your life come alive.

So, go ahead and enjoy your journey of writing a satire essay. However, despite all the ideas you or due to some other reason you are finding it very tough to write and/or complete your satire essay, contact Prescott Papers. Our experts will gladly come to your aid.

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